This is a new port for me. Spectacular sail in to the port with amazing skyline of interesting shapes from cathedrals and churches, fortress walls and building tops. If ever you get a chance to see it, get up early. It is worth the view. Maybe one of the most spectacular entrances I have seen, maybe second to Venice 🙂
Four went on tour and six of us met together to check out the sights with help of a hop on bus and walking. Right off the ship we had to run the gauntlet for three separate companies selling hop on hop off bus for Malta, all trying to out yell the other. It was so confusing and hard to know what to do. We grabbed the City Sightseeing bus and selected to do the North loop first.  
It turned out that is all the time we had if we wanted to also walk around Valletta – which we did.  
We saw some spectacular sights, stopped for an hour in Mdina which was amazing at every turn. An old fortress town, high and deep with stone structures. Beautiful windows and doors grabbed my attention and not too many people had arrived just yet when we were there. We wandered, keeping an eye on each other so we would stay as a group. Little windy alley roads, only a small number of people live within the town limits, and only a few cars parked on the narrow roads. Little shops selling glass works, jewelry and ceramics mostly. Some linens as well. Very nice arched doorways and stone work walls.  
We all loved the town, got back on bus and went around the island of Malta. We saw beaches, incredible views, marinas, buildings, steeples, ancient walls and fortresses.
We also drove through the handicraft centre and saw where the glass blowing happens and ceramics are made. Lovely and quaint.
It took a few hours, a bit longer than expected, to get around the bus loop and to Valletta. There we got off the bus at the city gates. Another spectacular sight!  
We found the gardens, a MUST SEE, mostly for the views of the island and sea coast from the lookout areas. Wow!  
We walked the shopping street a bit, returned to the gardens and took the free vernacular to the port, boarded our ship, Oceania Riviera.
We are going to clean up and meet together for a wee drink of wine before dinner.  
It was a lovely day in Malta. I would do it again!  

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