Alanya Turkey, a tourist destination

Turkey, extraordinary day in a Turkish port, Alanya!  I have not been here previously so it was all new to me.

We took a tour, my mom, Jim, Gerry and I. We met others of our group who did a slightly different tour. These are some of the facts I learned from our guide on the bus ride to Aspendos and Side ( pronounced siddae”). We visited some fabulous ancient sites and then had some free time in port. If you would like to see pictures, please check out my Facebook page and see more. It was amazing. Turkey is so rich in history that seems to predate everything I learned along the way.  

Turkey 97 percent in Asia, 3 percent on Europe.

12-13 ancient cultures in the country.
Oldest civilizations of human people’s. First cities, cave settlements have been found.

Democratic republic

Capital, in Ankara 

7 climate regions

Fruits and vegetable varieties grown all over Turkey, regional unique agriculture.

Banana with huge leaves here by the sea.

Turkey is accomplished in many things …. Here are a few: Turkish leather, manufacturing cars, fruits and veggies production, olive trees, silk textiles, tourism, roman ruins of Ephesus, sailing, big tourist cities, ancient sites, golf, rafting, climbing, shopping, cotton pistachios, grain, huge beach resorts along the sea following highway. Third of country is green forest. Churches from all ages. Whirling dervishes, Sufi. Old cities even 8000 BC!  

St Nicholas born in Patara. 12 century, 

256 hotels on shoreline here, 7 stars some! Hotel rotates! Size of rooms, on shore by water. Gold taps, lol. 

Last year ten million tourists in Antalya, Germans, Russians, Scandinavian countries. Hundreds of flights arrive every day! Wow!  

August is hottest. Maybe 47-48 degrees then. Today will be 38 degrees.  

Neighbours Greece, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Bulgaria, . Turkey boasts second biggest army in world next to United States.

Differing and warring countries book into different hotels so to reduce conflict while on holidays.
Theatres: ancient word, means ‘acting’. Where is the Oldest theatre? 6 th century BC. Greek style vs Greco Rome style, and the most recently built roman style.  

1. In Hellenistic period built Greek style on slope of hill or mountain, before Romans built. Carved seats out of natural stone of hill. Side entrance, ocean air, no stage, no stage wall.  

2. Romans in 190 BC in this area. Added stages, built roof on side entrances. Expanded theatre.  

3. Roman theatre, colosseum in Rome, for example. Not on hill. Marble stone seats. Not for plays, built usually for gladiators and wild animals. Celebrated festivals. Used to 7 century AD.  

We had a tour of Aspendos, theatre, built second century. Many parts such as sculptures, taken throughout history. Greco roman style. Excavation not completed yet in this area. Much more to uncover in this area. This was a spectacular ancient site to see and is recommended for visitors to this area in Turkey. When plays happened here, all actors were men, they may have worn masks and there was a narrator to keep the audience entertained and to assist following the story.  

I climbed to the top of the ancient theatre for the spectacular view. I could hear voices very clearly from below in the theatre, although there was also a peace of no sound so high up. The acoustics were marvellous and I enjoyed this experience very much.  

We then boarded our bus group number three, and off to Side to the historic site in that location.  

This area of Turkey, More than 260 days full sun a year.  

Tourism with Europeans and Russia. Fifty flights a day from Russia alone! Weather and beach, ancient sights, golf. Freedom to walk streets here. Some peoples come here for this freedom from the pressure in their own countries. Rent apartments for a few months, less cost for their veggies and fruits here. “Side” offers everything for some people from those countries that come here. Spa, fishing tours.  

Young people in Turkey work in tourism … Not farming any more. Small shops selling to tourists on Main Street. Instead of hand crafts.  

Now huge huge hotel resorts, fields empty. Can’t farm anymore. Building houses and apartments … 

Produce oranges, tangerines, pomegranate. In this coastal region. Greenhouses for veggies.  
As we arrive at Side, we learn that the ancient inhabitants Had also an ancient language. Second century BC. Maybe 1500 BC. Big trade city. Slave trade experts. Port and temple to Apollo God of sailors. Visitors to the Temple most likely arrived by water. We visited the museum and large archeological world heritage site. This is 100% roman theatre in Side. Pronounced siddae. Meaning pomegranate. Symbol of Artemis. 

Theatre is approximately 1800 years old. Second century roman. 

Tour was over six hours to Aspendos and then Side. Very interesting guide and great sites!
When we got back to the ship late, we waded in the sea…. Fabulous, and then walked around the local streets. 

I’m coming home with a Turkish carpet …. Lol. Ok, it is very small … Ha ha.  

Met a new gal, Mary from Arizona, and she and Gerry and I got same carpets. Three for a very low price. So fun..  

Had dinner and danced till the wee hours … It is almost one am. Tomorrow is a sea day.  
Good night all!  


Wish you were here!  

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