Jerusalem in a day!

Kind of a strange morning with security, passport pickups, getting passes for the day and navigating the process and queues. We have arrived in Haifa Israel and en route to spend the day exploring Jerusalem.
Many busses out front, lined up for the cruise passengers. People being pulled out of line and questioned by local authorities. Some people can’t locate their tickets for the bus, have not followed all the written and verbal instructions.  
I ask to have a front seat and next to the tour guy. I am in it for now and hopefully it will be fine. A few of the gals travelling with me had come early and taken the other front seat. 
Bus is getting ready to go. So must I. 
Familiar sights from last time, golden dome and Baha’i garden in Haifa. View from ship and balcony.  
NOTES FROM THE 12 hour tour.  
9 million people in this country: Israel 

We start out with Bananas and beach view, corn and ancient sights.  
We hear History stories, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon.  
We see Big water reservoirs visible from road… Some 700 plus of them
The people here Grow fish in water lakes, like tilapia, covered with nets to keep birds out.  
We Drive through Tel Aviv. Sabbath Saturday so no traffic. Beaches, walking and parks … Means spring hill.  
Big diamond and gold industry, Silicon Valley IT
Roads beautiful but lousy public transit is very bad / due to traffic congestion

Large tax here

Biggest industry is high tech. Second is agriculture. 3 is petrochemicals, war machines 4

Maalish … Means relax, no rush
Every ten feet is something to talk about. History and so many cultural and religious centers in one place. Amazing. I have teared up to being unable to hold it in as I listen to the story of crucifixion …. Our tour guide tells the stations as we see the sights
The holy site of to wailing wall, the western wall. We sat in silence for a while, left a note. Watched. Touched the wall. Waited in silence and witness the vibration of the prayers and wishes of all the others.  
Moshe Tal is our guide. Means Moses.  
Shopping. Items from olive wood. Roman glass made to necklace decorations, pendants and bracelets, earrings made of ancient coins.  
Equally as interesting as the scenery and historic sights, is the stories as told by Moshe. He brings the heart to our tour. He loves this land and his country.  
We ate lunch in a kibbutz.. Philosophy is everyone works as ,much as he can and gets as much as he needs. Does not work. Light industry is how they make their living today. For example restaurant and hotel on kibbutz.  
Garden and church of gethsemane. 
Bells toll and chanting are some of the sounds of religions being practiced around us today.
Elvis coffee shop outside Jerusalem, we stopped for use of facilities and for those who drink coffee, a free souvenir mug. Lol
We stopped to see the dessert, the bordering countries and he explained more of the political situation from his perspective. Interesting and sad, the level of violence that is life in this country.  
We received a pilgrim certificate for our visit today in Jerusalem!  
At times feeling lonely as no one friend or partner to share stories of the day with and my ah-ha moments.  What is missed when climbing and journeying alone? So glad my mom is here on the bus … Even though she is sharing with Jim and I am happy for them both. The other 8 gals all have roommates and friends to share the adventure.  
Large beetles on the sandy soil.. Big raven like birds with light brown bodies, black wings. Baby tiny olives growing in the plentiful trees, ready for harvest in the fall.  
Jewish people, Christians and Muslims all living in cities together. Live together and work together. We see a wall, electronic and imposing. If you try to get close, you get warned in three languages and if you persist, you can be shot. Such contrasts.  


2 comments on “Jerusalem in a day!

  1. Jane Abraham says:

    Sounds like a phenomenal day!

    • Yes Jane, it was truly amazing. I think it will be one I remember for a very long time. Truly a spiritual place and the stories of the history ….. Wow! Thanks for following, my friend! See you soon! Pamela

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