Argostoli Greece and our great fun journey

Argostoli Greece! A lovely piece of Cephalonia!  
Wow! Hot sunny, nice little town we could walk on shore. It was nice to be a large group of tourists today. Most of the group stayed together shopping, walking and snapping pictures of the sights. We made some Greek purchases. It was the first day in Greece for many, ouzo was a hit in the hot. Ha ha.
Wine purchases for some local whites. I sat at the end of the day and had a cold Strongbow Cider. It was refreshing and lovely … The only cider available here. It was nice.  
The flowers are spectacular, bright unusual and everywhere the eye can see. Interesting shaped palm trees line the streets and boardwalk by the sea.  
Back on the ship for a cool down, shower, bevy and chat with friends, preparing for our first specialty dining reservation at Toscano. Many hellos and hugs from the familiar staff.
Deb, the cruise director from Insignia is on this ship and we chatted. The cute young Italian fellow in the Toscana was over to talk to me a few times over the dinner time …. Fausto, Roger, and the girl who taught needlepoint and more …. So many more, smiling wide when they see me and remember my time not so long ago on Riviera. It is fun. I have connected a few times with new friends from Ontario, Jane and Dan. They are lovely and joined us for dinner a few nights ago … I hope tonight as well.
Well, time to post some pics. Some of these posts will be out of order waiting for sea days to catch up with earlier ports …. I hope you are enjoying following along.  
Last night we closed the dance floor and Horizons. Life music, a duo with some great tunes and very dance-able! Woo hooo, the Womens Travel Club having a great time in Greece and on the seas! Tomorrow I think we head for a sea day and toward Israel.  
Catching my breath and sleeping a bit better every day, trying to keep up to the fast pace. Travelling with my mom is great fun!  






  Ti Amo to all …thanks for following the blog, 
Pamela-J in Greece! Ola!

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