Packing and Planning my next adventure

Random thoughts on travel this week

I am excited yet experiencing a sense of calm and like everything is as it is supposed to be. Lists have been made, consulted and marked off. Last minute purchases have been made. Foreign currency purchased, exchanged for Canadian dollars.

New packing ritual of setting out the small carry on size suitcase, making piles of things I might want to take, then sorting as to what fits in the luggage. Finally, one half of suitcase for day time wear and one half for evening or more dressy wear. I found it helpful this time to make a paper and pen list of what goes in to the suitcase as I place it in.

By the time I have filled the suitcase, I know what I have in there and approximately where I can find it (on the top side or bottom side of suitcase – day or night. And then as my items have auditioned for this specific trip, some don’t make the cut and are taken out of the bag and crossed off the list.  

This provides several purposes, I can more accurately select the items I need to take, versus what would be preferred but not absolutely necessary and also it gives me an up to date list so when I travel again, I can use the list as a place to start again with the packing planning.

It is good to have a few weeks to lay out items, audition and try on outfits, ensure they resemble the look I am going for, the comfort given the weather expected and the fit in case I have lost or gained weight or redistributed it since the last time I had the item on my body.

Enjoying my packing this time, I feel confident I am ready to proceed to the last and final audition and repacking and hopefully, again, simplifying the items that will make the final selection and be taken on the next trip of a lifetime!

When I travel I love to shop for the latest fashion, unique items that I likely can’t find at home. When I travel, I like to take those special purchases with me.

For me, travel is about stepping out of my ordinary life and routines and into the glamorous world of exotic destinations and meeting new people, enjoying new experiences. I want to dress up for the occasions! I want to feel like each day is special and I showed up in the best outfit I could find.
Accessories can make the ordinary seem extraordinary. The bright and colourful scarf or hat, the clunky metal shape hanging on a black leather string and or my lovely new long string of fresh water pearls take me to beautiful. Whether day or night, day one or the last day of vacation, I want to feel like I made a statement.  

I also always like to leave room for the new purchases I might make on this next trip. New bracelets, bangles, neck decorations, hats for style or fabric flowers of bright colors. And I suppose my famous advice is, you can always wear it home if it won’t fit in the bag!

I have been known to wear three hats nestled neatly inside each other, on top of my head on a trip home from Europe. Hats are critical to my shopping and travel experience. I love hat shops and I love how they offer a sense of occasion to every outfit. Hat shopping is always a good idea, especially if you are not looking for anything in particular. A hat finds me, I don’t have to search for a hat.

Sometimes if I shop with a friend, we try on hats and take pictures of each other and then decide we did not need that purchase anyway. What fun awaits me on this next trip ??

Stay tuned as I prepare for a fabulous cruise and land stay in the Mediterranean area with stops in Italy, Sicily, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Israel and more. I am travelling with 12 friends and including my mother on this trip. I plan on enjoying my gluten free and almost vegetarian cuisine every where we go. We will have great escorted tours and plan to have a fabulous time exploring new places and feeling pampered on the way staying on the stunningly beautiful and boutique Oceania Riviera ship.  

Upgraded, again, to Concierge level service with a full veranda stateroom, we will enjoy the spa extras and amazing service not to mention the best food EVER. The beds are made especially for Oceania and sleep aboard an Oceania ship while being rocked by the subtle movement of the sea is one of my favourite things. This being my fifth Oceania adventure, it feels almost like home.

Follow me and enjoy the journey as we set sail from Rome in just a few short days. Pictures and blog notes will be shared.

Ciao ciao

One comment on “Packing and Planning my next adventure

  1. Jane Abraham says:

    Love seeing your packing process in print! Sounds like you have reached the well earned and deserved reward of having the perfect ensemble options at hand while travelling, yet room still for those precious new pieces finding their way to you.Congratulations Bella on reaching this goal!!

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