Mid Sea

Some winds, 2 meter swells … Outside temperature 19 degrees … Water also.  Partly cloudy sky.  Fresh water in the pools.  Half way from Bermuda to Funchal Madeira.  Third sea day at high noon local time.

Library now, looking out to sea.  I was just outside a bit for a walk and it was windy but lovely, sunshine and breezy.  Great cruise, I seem to be sleeping a lot!  
There is a wine bazaar today .. Not sure  what that means … I think is wine bottles for sale so I am going to check that out.  
In Gibraltar I will walk around old town.  Most of the excursions are full and wait listed and none of them interest me much.  I have been here before with Oceania four years ago.  
I am looking over some books and making notes of an inspirational nature.  “I love you more than my dog” is a title that grabs me.  I have heard of it but not yet read it.  What better time?  
QUOTE: The moment of greatness is NOT the action .  It’s the decision that allows the action to occur.  
Because of passion and hard work… Because I matter.  Because I count.  How do I save humanity into my work?  Creating and supporting a Women’s Travel Club is one action that supports my values.  My values can be seen by my actions, all of them.  What is important to me?  The Golden Rule .. Treat others as I want to be treated, or maybe treat them better than I do myself and then learn to treat myself so good that others want to be part of that.
My decisions create the actions that together create my unique path.  As a consumer I become emotionally attached to businesses that consider me in their decisions.  For example I seek a gender lens .. How does it matter for women?  Where, when and how is it safe for women to travel?
Congruence between what I say and what I believe is a hallmark card that identifies me as unique and with integrity: authentic.  Creating a supportive club for women … Not necessarily only impacting women … If it is a good decision for women, it is good for everyone.  
I believe the women I travel with.  I trust them.  
Today I am committed to creating a vision statement that reflects my authenticity and states my special purpose, how I live and love my life.  What is my promise?  I don’t just perform tasks … I deliver opportunities for experiences that my family, friends and female members of the club will want to repeat and tell others about.  Why me?  How does what I believe come shining through everything I do?
It’s the intent and motivation that sets me apart, as a business.  Women participating in the Women’s Travel Club.  

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