First sea day on way to Europe

Last night was fun. We ate at Red Ginger for my first time.  Greeted with Edamame and lovely gal waited on us.  The atmosphere was magic, the large plates, white with red abstract design, red water glass, and black accents including linen napkins.  Our first course was large shrimp in a very tasty spicy sauce.  I wanted to lick the plate, ha ha … But I resisted.  I cleaned up as much of the sauce as I could with the utensils I had.  I add sushi and chopsticks to my requests and they provide gluten free soy sauce, wasabi and a selection of chopsticks to try.  Fun!  I get red ones.  
Many staff came to check on us … Were we pleased?  Yes, certainly this was a very special experience.  Earlier we had chilled a bottle of prosecco and had it with appies while getting ready for dinner.  Then we were enticed to try saki with the meal.  I had hot, Deb tried a cold sweeter saki.  Both were pleased with the beverage.  Lots of giggles and belly laughs, and some pictures of the evening.  Table for two.  
After dining we went to the show and listened to some great singers and piano as well as the four pice string quartet and more.  A buffet of sounds.  We were then invited to Horizons to dance to the music of the band up there.  The tunes were oldies and fun.  Some of the guests are excellent ballroom dancers an very fun to watch.
We lost another hour of sleep, and changed our clocks and ordered room service for morning, a day at sea.  Sleep came easy with the gentle rocking of the ship as it set sail for the Europe coast.
Morning arrives.  White table cloth with room service, sea days.  Today the waiter brought room service and took the time to set up a white table cloth and each item we ordered he carefully placed in a lovely fashion on our oval table in front of the couch.  He also recommended we try the main dining room special brunch today.  Food carvings and some special treats, he said, we would not be disappointed.  
Good morning to the wide open sea!  The dark water and white froth around the ship, looks like it could swallow up without a ripple. No sea birds or sightings of sea life.  Heading out for a walk around the deck.  A big wind made walking very fun, and challenging as we completed some laps.  The sun was out and with the wind it seems cooler and deceiving about the power of the sun where we are.  Not hot like my last cruise, however, intense sun is up there and brightly dancing off the sea surface.  We spied a small boat and stopped to wonder how it came to be so far out here .. Hundreds of miles since we left Bermuda.
I went to needlepoint in Horizons for a quick lesson and a new kit to work on.  The lighting up there is good.  I had planned to meet Debbie for the Oceania hosted extended journeys presentation in the Riviera Lounge.  We met some of our couple friends and sat close.  Too dark to needlepoint in the dark blue coloured thread.  Oh well ….  There were a few itineraries of interest to me… British Isles, Amsterdam to ?, Including Le Havre, Brugges and other places on my list of places to cruise.  I am inspired to take a good look at some options for 2016 while on this trip.
Then I popped in to the Artist Loft to listen to our artist in residence talk about how to paint with oils and a palette knife.  I loved the technique and his results are fantastic.  My take away:  he said he completed five paintings when he first learned, all practice … And then has been painting and selling ever since, always using the palette knife.  I think how I have never allowed myself five .. Or even one, practice painting.  I decide I will be more courageous with my painting that I started with acrylics and call it a practice.  Somehow previously I always felt that each painting had to be brilliant and 10 out of ten.  New process for me now.  Breathe, allow and relax.  Enjoy five practice paintings!
The seats in the Artist loft is full and I take my leave.  Back to the room and then realize I am to meet Deb to check out the Grand Dining Room buffet.  And to my surprise the other waiter I know from Regatta is there and he seems genuinely happy to see me and greets me with a big smile, Fausto.  Deb and I enjoy some buffet foods, a beverage and then compare notes for the day’s activities.  
I put on my bathing suit and off to the Spa Terrace for a swim in the super huge thalassotherapy pool, only to discover it has been emptied.  It probably has to do with the strong winds and motion of the ocean.  I am content to lay out, relax and watch the sea.  Deb enjoys the warm tile beds inside the spa area.  
I can’t think of anything I wanted to do, and so return to the artist loft for a few hours of practice.  Lots of room, seats vacant, I get right down to work.  Not an hour later I notice that the rocking and looking down paying attention to detail leaves me a bit woozy.  Almost like reading in the car.  Although I love the energy of the loft and super intrigued by watching the resident artist, Graham Denison, I have to go get fresh air and a view of the horizon.  Perhaps a diet ginger ale would be nice.  Wish I could paint more … Maybe tomorrow.
Finding my way around.  The phone in elevator hallway is on the side of ship with even numbers.  The food areas of the ship, top and lower decks are all at one end while lounges etc on other end.  If I check out numbers of rooms they get larger toward the food areas … And smaller toward the lounge areas of the ship.  These little tips help me to find my way to my next activity based on which way to go as I leave my glorious stateroom.  

3 comments on “First sea day on way to Europe

  1. gailgrant49 says:

    Sounds marvelous dahling………almost makes me want to try painting again! Say hello to Fausto. Can’t place Roger.

  2. Laine Canivet says:

    Yes, indeed, say hello to Faustos. He asked us to never forget him! – Laine

    • I know he enjoys seeing us all everyday in the Terrace Cafe. He looks for ways to help us feel special. He and so many others! It feels like we are all friends. I found some fabric art today and took pictures … I will show you when I get back. Very nice …. Remind me :). And thanks for following my blog! And being my new travel buddy and quilting / fabric friend. I am very much enjoying getting to know you! Pamela

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