Beautiful Bermuda!

Beautiful bountiful Bermuda!  Day one

We decided to meet our new friends Carolyn and Al Wade… Also from Victoria, after breakfast for a day of walking around the island of Bermuda.  The Captain and cruise director warn over the loud speaker that it may be cold and possibly rain today.  NOT!
It was a bit fresh early in the morning, however my dream of Bermuda includes sunshine and tropical heat.  With tall palm trees, greeny blue Caribbean looking water, pastel painted buildings with white trim, and historic old fortress walls around the port, we prepare for any weather.  Donning our hats and good walking shoes we disembark and catch a queue for the tokens to catch a ferry.  Every  hour a walk on ferry boat takes tourists from Kings Wharf dockyard, and takes us via a quick and scenic 20 minute ride to the larger city of Hamilton.  Off we go.
At the city of Hamilton we walk off the beaten track in search for a Saturday market which we never do find.  Even stopping to ask a local did not produce a market.  Back to town, some wandering through stores and on back streets, we also take pictures of large green parks.  The city is stunning, clean and upbeat.  Not seeing any visible signed of poverty, we walk and walk.  
Around two pm Al shows his identification and gains us entry to the Bermuda Yacht Club bar and lounge area.  I really want to sit outside and watch the white sail boats racing by, the large boats and yachts in the marina lined up.  It is a fabulous sight.  We imbibed in a few ciders made locally.  Deciding not to eat … Something about knowing the food on the ship is so amazing and no price tag!  
We drink, and decide to catch the four pm ferry back to the ship.  A quick jaunt to the local Goslings Rum, spirits and wine store, selecting some great items to purchase and have on board the ship.  Wonderful.  Cold coolers / ciders, prosecco, and a red wine … This will do for now.  Perhaps it will be enough to get us through until our next port of call in Portugal in six days.  We have a few laughs as we are the last to board the ferry …
Tomorrow Deb and I have arranged a tour of the whole island of Bermuda.  I am hoping for beach stops, to see the famed pink sand beaches and maybe a bit more shopping, a lot of vistas and scenic photo opportunities we believe will be revealed on our five hour tour.



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