rio revisited

The sunshine in Rio

We arrived and boarded the ship, found our travel mates and then the lido buffet.  A bit overcast but hot and muggy, like walking through lukewarm soup as we toured around the decks.  
Our first night on board this amazing Regatta ship was lovely.  A few of the gals were off on tour, one went off on her own, and many of us enjoyed a bevy in Martinis lounge and then fine dining in the main dining room.  
The rain poured intermittently and there were flashes of lightening seen through the dining room windows.  Scallops, tiger prawns, salad and of course several desserts! 
After, a further walkabout exploring the lounges, as quiet as a ghost town.  Jet lag has set in around the ship.  Out side a we could get a glimpse of the shiny icon glowing in the dark, high atop Corcovado Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue.  And for us as well, an early night after just one more look at the buffet for a treat before bed.
Plans for more on the sea days to come.  
Beautiful morning, relaxing and no pressure to leave the ship for those of us without tours.  Leisure breakfast outside on the Terrace Cafe.  With a daytime view of the far away icon, Christ the Redeemer statue.
A brief walk outside looking for a convenience store for wine purchase.  No luck, no foul.  Now on search for Internet cafe in the port pier.  Bright colours of fabric greet the eyes, scarves, sarongs and more on sale by local and approved reputable venders.  So tempting.
Outside the ship and beyond the pier is the huge and important port city of Rio de Janeiro.  Bound by the sea and stunning miles of sandy beach, and the dense green rainforest jungle and mountainous terrain on the other border.  Famous for the icon mentioned above, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and views from high atop Sugarloaf, accessed by a high tram.  Botanical gardens and other sights are beaconing the many tourists who have travelled far to join the amazing Amazon River cruise.  This is day two and I am happy to just be here on this ship.
I have travelled and toured two days in Rio four and a half years ago.  I don’t feel the need to travel today outside the pier and ship views.  The rest of the 14 gals of the club are taking full advantage of the sights and sounds of Rio.
Tchau for now.

One comment on “rio revisited

  1. Renee says:

    Enjoy! Sounds fabulous xx

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