Recent holiday to Nova Scotia

What most impassioned me?

Time. The abundance of uninterrupted, one to one time with one of the most important people I know. My mom.

I think of my last 12 days, which of course includes flight days, so really I did not get the full number of hours in those days. I did however spend all of my days with her. Hanging out, shopping, talking about our trips to come and those we have enjoyed together in the past. We talked about my children, her grandchildren and great grandchildren. We did some sorting and decluttering from closets.

We hosted meals, we went out for coffee, lunch and dinner… The two of us, with family members, and with a few of the great people I have had the good fortune to book travel for. Three couples who live in the same condo as my mom and or very close by.

I gave my mom an iPad so I also provided her with some assistance and time to familiarize her to the tablet and what it can and will do for her. I showed her how it works together with iPhone, what apps she might like, and how to communicate with the technology.

We had a plan when I arrived about our upcoming cruise in September 2015 to Greece and Turkey. We changed the plan, although we are still cruising the same, on board beautiful Oceania Riviera, we did discuss at length what we would do before and after.

I worked some every day on my independent contractor travel consulting business, got caught up with entering ballots to my website for people to win a free cruise … Multitasking while mom and I enjoyed watching some fluff movies and the State of the Union address from a president Obama. News in the background some days, and the Zen channel playing soft beautiful music while the large screen tv displayed fantastic sights of nature.

Time with loved ones is one of my favourite things to do. This trip was the first such adventure for a visit, since my retirement from government service. No pressure to de-stress from. I thoroughly enjoyed our sweet travel discussions about Europe. I also felt at home as we stepped day to day in to the destination activities of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

Ready now to return home, prepare to go on my next adventure to exotic South America and then back to the sunny Caribbean islands in March 2015.

Before that I have Meetups for the Women’s Travel Club, and Canadian Snowbirds to set up and attend. Oh, and also to meet and greet folks from the Gluten Free meetup for some amazing local food stops in and around Victoria, BC.

And in February I have some trips to Vancouver to meetup with some fellow travellers, and two weeks as Grammie, taking care of two darling grandboys in interior of BC.

My life is full, rewarding and magic. I have it all and I enjoy every day abundance.

Grazie, thank you.


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