Flying Home

Flying North

American Airlines is the carrier today for Miami to Dallas Fort Worth and then on to Vancouver. I am on the leg to Vancouver right now as I write this. Sitting beside a couple we met on the cruise and have been seeing and sharing rides with since the disembarkation from the ship.

I really enjoy meeting people. As well I have gotten to know the gals on the cruise travelling with me, even more intimately. We travel well together and look out for each other, say hi and hug. Being through this kind of experience seems to bring people together as much or more than the experience of cruise travel.

We talk about what we like about cruising, travel destinations, luggage, insurance and more. We learn where we are from and we find commonalities like being born in the same Province, or we know same people, or enjoy the same travel experiences. We talk about our travel dreams and expectations.

In the everyday details we find special moments. We share stories, and smiles.

Filling out customs declarations and remembering what was purchased. For me the trip had only just started and precious few purchases were made, flags of new countries to give to my grandsons when next I see them, postcards I popped in the mail for them …. I wonder if they will ever receive them or will they be discarded with other items on board? Time will tell and it is all just stuff. The real value is in the relationships and closeness of the people with whom we share experiences. In that regard I feel richly abundant indeed.

And we get our money back and then some to book again with Oceania. The group of women are already talking and planning to meet up again.

Time to rest again, few more hours till we get home.


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