Sad Tale at Sea

And the explosion continues

While at the spa having my feet and legs caressed and soaking in some warm solution followed by paraffin wax …. There was an announcement that there had been a fire in the engine or generator? But under control and the electricity to be back on soon.

Terry and I prepared to head to town, better than sitting on a dark ship with only emergency lighting. As we were about to disembark, Terry went back up to fetch an umbrella as it looked like more rain showers outside. I was the lone passenger on the deck 3, the crews quarters, the gangway and the hub of activity. Radios had to be used by staff as phones were not working. I could hear activity and made myself small, stood out of the way and waited, watching in awe.

The ships officers were busy making decisions and giving direction, it became clear that the situation had escalated on board and I was ushered to the direction of my room on the eighth deck. As I climbed, ship staff directed me to muster station and the ships alarm sounded. After a short time there all passengers were required to disembark. We did.

We joined a few other gals and off we went to the beach by cab. With thoughts of the ship, the guests that have mobility issues, the crew and what might lay ahead. Not expecting or even thinking of the worst.

Swimming and bobbing around in the sea as the environment was clearly Caribbean in culture. A small colourful boat, with a thatched cover and many international flags, spunky reggae music playing for all to enjoy and a man selling fresh pineapples, coconut, watermelons and pouring rum inside. People donned in all manner of bathing attire would walk through the strong warm surf to partake in his offering. Big business when cruise ships in town.

A few hours spent leisurely people watching and enjoying swimming in the wild surf. Four women with chairs rented, taking wee corners of shelter from a rented umbrella.

No food that I could eat, still existing on room service toast from the morning room service, my thoughts wandered back to our ship. By three pm we had all had enough of the beach scene and curiosity took us to see the ships and get out of our sandy clothes. Little did I know that when I packed and dressed in the morning that this would be it for me, for several days.

Still not able to get on board Insignia, we were shuttled to a pier building to meet with other passengers and wait for more news and updates. Organizing some 650 guests, many in only bathing suits, or beach wear, some in shorts and tshirts, the ships officers started to receive abusive comments and demanding questions from outraged guests wanting the comforts of the cruise to be restored.

I am pleased to say that many more passengers were kind, patient and caring to each other and appreciative for all the extra effort from crew and officers in such a difficult situation.

More to follow:

Love p at sea



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