Good bye Miami!

Good morning and good bye Miami

This has been my first time spent in Miami, Florida. The hotel at the Hilton by airport is really lovely and comfortable. We found a little shop and bought the last tacky warm and oversized tourist hoodies, mine is hot pink. We picked up a few necessities and took the shuttle to the mall for some warm clothes for the flight home. Once back to hotel we had a nice leisurely glass of wine and buffet dinner. The salad bar included a black bean soup, gluten free …. Very satisfying.

We are up now … Around 330 am to prepare for the drive to airport and begin our travels back home. The cruise was to be over on 17 December and today is the 13 th I think. I have lost track of days and dates by now, vacations are often like that for me.

We have been offered our money back and more for when we rebook with Oceania for the next time.

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