The very top and the Redeemer

Today we finish up last minute explorations.

This morning we relaxed, had an easy morning and left late from the resort, having eaten lots of our food.

A drive to AqcuaFredda and some lost drives down wrong streets. Small alley type roads that appear to be one way …. One at a time. Lol

We found the beach and some fun homes built in to the mountain side. Beautiful colourful subtle homes with terra cotta roofs, greenery growing up the side and often rock walls.

After we are passing by the beautiful restaurant, something de Cesare. We enjoyed Italiano fare. Beautiful view of an old tree and some flowers and of course, the sea. Yummmmmm. The swelling has gone down in my hands and my ring fell off from my baby finger in to the sink and in attempting to get the ring back, it fell further. Sorry mom, who bought me this ring at Victoria just a short time ago. It is gone.

We drove up the top of the windy twisty road to the Christ the Redeemer statue. A little exciting on the drive, very high into the clouds and above the sea … Up. Up. Up. Stunning pictures. Beautiful.

We can hear animals below cows? Birds. Dog barking. Bells ringing every fifteen minutes. I found some great painted post cards and then two toy Mini Cooper cars with international roof, covered in flags of the world. I was tempted so bought them for my wonderful grandsons.

A drive back down and now resting at the resort before afternoon and evening shopping starts in an hour or so. Lol.

Love to you, ti amo. We start home tomorrow. See you soon.

Love love





The other side of Italy

The drive to the other side of south Italy

Maratea to Scalea …. Over to Sabari on the other coast, through windy crazy small, mountain roads. Sometimes just one lane. This driving in Italy requires focus and attention as people pass anywhere ands drive fast. I enjoy the scenery and the roads are fun with all the twists and turns.

Across the mountains this time. Alternating old roads and new modern ones. Fast roads including modern bridges and many lanes being paved … Then tiny narrow one lane roads with sharp switch back corners. Rows and rows of olive groves along the high mountain roads. As we approach the coast, we can see the ocean from here! Cool mountain air coming in the windows … Scenic vistas. Little mountain towns nestled in the cleavages. Magic. I do prefer the coastline however I have now been coast to coast in the south of Italy.

Stopped at first veggie stop outside Sabari and tried hot peppers yummmmm, we started with mild ones and he then provided hot yellow pepper ones …. Lip tingling hot. Whooooo! We then bought grapes and some veggies for later. Whew! Better eat those grapes fast! Lol

As the area is less populated and quiet, we had to compromise with washroom facilities. Hmmmmmm. We found some roads that headed the wrong direction … Poor signage and maps inadequate for the challenge. Turn around and back we go to re drive our last turn decision, check the four maps and google maps, and try again. Lol

Two women selling ‘not fruit’ … Side of road on way to port! High heels and interesting outfits.

We saw people in very small vehicles, even three wheeled, one with a donkey on the back. Many driving very fast in fancy cars zipping on by leaving us with hands in the air.

We were in search of beaches and coastal treats. We found sand, pebbles beautiful sparkling water, mostly abandoned. Small personal row boats parked on the sand. I walked in water and enjoyed the cool water washing over my feet. It was fresh. Later in the day on another beach I went in for a swim… So I could enjoy the water, the location and cool down. Beaches were mix of sand and pebbles and almost no people for miles. Interesting, the season seems to be over and the places closed up. Quiet ghostlike towns. And then evening rolls around and traffic seems to sprout up on the roads, people commuting? Shops open only after five pm.

Interesting drive back across further south … Crotone through Cosenza and then the coast and up. Before that we tried to start back on a smaller less known, windy tricky road. We stumbled upon a very big brush fire … We turned around. The heat blast came in my open window. We tried a different route. We stopped a few times to check with local men standing around talking on side of road. They insisted we get off the windy road and get back on the main highway. No short cuts for us! We saw many vineyards, olive groves, sheep, goats, cows … More farming land.

Snacking on rice crackers with olives … Bananas, water ….

A few hours brought us back to the other sea, the one we love and have learned to enjoy for the past few weeks. Beautiful sunset, again … As we drove north along the familiar coast from yesterday. Back to the time share residence resort near Maratea. Oranges, reds, peaches across turquoise blue … Ball of heat and light slipping lower into the sea. I understand why people love this coast with such beauty!

Arrived back at the condo resort and supper was ready … Very nice. Exhausting and we came home after dark. I need to get some sleep. I received the gift of a hand massage … Very nice! Thanks Janie!


Today is the tomorrow I dreamed about yesterday. One more day at the resort and we begin our travels home. Ciao for now, Ti amo.




Driving the sea coast of southern Italy

The drive on south coast of Italy

What an incredible day. Twelve hours of driving exploring and discovering magic on the southernmost coast of Italy. Tomorrow the Ionian Sea. Today we stayed on the side we are staying on, Naples, etc. The road goes to Reggio in Colabria … Never heard of it before but every sign points that way around here. Up at five thirty am, to shower and head out. I took a few minutes to cheer on my youngest daughter who turns 28 today when it is today where she is … She is still in yesterday when I wrote this today, this morning. Lol.

Off we go, three of the five women travellers. We are armed with maps and some food to nibble on, having prepared and eaten breakfast. We packed bathing suits and towels in hopes for a swim some time along the coast.

Our first stop is at the end of the parking lot, not two minutes from our resort parking lot …. Christ the Redeemer is shining bright in the morning sun. Brilliant really, against the sky, it required a picture 🙂 off we go, …. For more.

Our road is well paved and easy world. We pull off to a sign for Diamente, not even an hour out of Maratea. Crazy little streets in town are unexpected and a bit hairy … I have to back up once to get around a sharp corner. At the end of that little street is the sea, and a wonderful boardwalk. It is funny to be in such a tight spot and then the vastness of the sea is before us, wide and open, wild and wavy. Brilliant blue sky with not a cloud anywhere to be seen. We park and walk a boardwalk.

It takes my breath away. We walk and walk. Along the sea followed by a remarkably warm breeze and it is not even nine am. Ti amo, written many times on walls and sidewalks, summer love left its mark!

We say Bon giorno to all we meet and greet and finally we stop at a cafe for the gals to have an Italian Americano and I have a frizzy water … Sun shining brightly .. Overlooking the sea. Wow! Magic and amazing. A moment.

We head out of town. Next stop at a cafe to use the facilities and then head to the beach. We walk, find a store full of magic and incredible items to look over. A Vesace black suit, jewelry, alpaca scarf, designer jeans made in Italy, pasta and olives, furniture … It was huge and fabulous! We walked to the beach after and put our feet in the warm water. We talked about our earlier life decisions … A moment!

Later we stop and get a plate of fries to share, and use facilities! Lol. Only men it seems sitting around, and us three girls.

Great vistas all along the way .. Every corner presents more and more to see and enjoy. Ancient fortresses long forgotten high on mountain tops standing guard and once provided protection for the sea. Hotels, and fancy resorts and spas. Homes and farms. Miles of beaches. Sandy, rocky, almost abandoned. It seems the season is over for Italian tourists although we are enjoying the heat of the day and relative spaciousness. Almost ghost towns. And of course Italian towns seem to close up between noon and five daily for siesta?

We drive on.

Highlights of today’s trip
Pictures with Christ the redeemer early in the morning on our day trip along the coast
Diamonte, went for a walk on the boardwalk took pictures of graffiti expressing love and life. and had an Italian coffee iand fizzie water n a little cafe on the board walk overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
Beautiful hotel San Michele along the coast
Belmonte Calabro. Lovely little village. Went into a store right off the road looking for a bathroom. Omg. Specialty foods, chocolate, candy, gifts jewelry and some designer clothing. What a treasure we stumbled on. We decided to take a walk down a little street and to our surprise around the corner was the beach. A practically empty beach. We soaked our feet in the water and had a magic moment sharing stories of our 1st marriages. Collected precious stones and shells. Found a little grocery store for water and snacks for the next leg of our trip.
San lucido. Beautiful little town higher up than the others. Built on the side of a mountain with windy road to the beach. Streets were quaint with many picturesque people’s homes and businesses and a beautiful monument of a women searching for her love.

We changed into our bathing suits in the car … Lol. and had yet another magic moment swimming in the Mediterranean Sea! The water was crystal clear and fairly warm once you submerged yourself in it.

When you leave a town there is a line through it like a no smoking sign

Taking pictures of the sun set in our resort parking lot. Magnificent.

Ciao tutti, till tomorrow

Love P

Wish you were here. Ti Amo!