The very top and the Redeemer

Today we finish up last minute explorations.

This morning we relaxed, had an easy morning and left late from the resort, having eaten lots of our food.

A drive to AqcuaFredda and some lost drives down wrong streets. Small alley type roads that appear to be one way …. One at a time. Lol

We found the beach and some fun homes built in to the mountain side. Beautiful colourful subtle homes with terra cotta roofs, greenery growing up the side and often rock walls.

After we are passing by the beautiful restaurant, something de Cesare. We enjoyed Italiano fare. Beautiful view of an old tree and some flowers and of course, the sea. Yummmmmm. The swelling has gone down in my hands and my ring fell off from my baby finger in to the sink and in attempting to get the ring back, it fell further. Sorry mom, who bought me this ring at Victoria just a short time ago. It is gone.

We drove up the top of the windy twisty road to the Christ the Redeemer statue. A little exciting on the drive, very high into the clouds and above the sea … Up. Up. Up. Stunning pictures. Beautiful.

We can hear animals below cows? Birds. Dog barking. Bells ringing every fifteen minutes. I found some great painted post cards and then two toy Mini Cooper cars with international roof, covered in flags of the world. I was tempted so bought them for my wonderful grandsons.

A drive back down and now resting at the resort before afternoon and evening shopping starts in an hour or so. Lol.

Love to you, ti amo. We start home tomorrow. See you soon.

Love love





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