A New Day: a new adventure; a draft.

Great morning my blogging friends, and family!

I woke up this morning in a new location. This time, not on vacation. I have moved my home base. While on my last fantastic vacation I arranged the sale of my condo, one I had lived in and loved for some ten years in beautiful Victoria. Yesterday was moving day and I am in a stunning, yet small, apartment with a view of the ocean, the mountains, the lights of the Parliament Buildings, and the swimming pool that is now in my yard. Lucky me! I look forward to visits with grandsons and my own adult daughters and splashing around in the beautiful pool in the warm summer months.

This year has been about radical change it seems. For those who have been with me all year, you will recall that I participated in a powerful planning and visioning event in early January of this year, to invite the possibilities. Keeping with some of my gurus, Mike Dooley (thoughts become things), Julia Cameron (Artists Way), and Robin Sharma (magnificent obsession, lead with service), the book on Power Words, and another Positivity 2.0 …. I find myself in a new home, a new and more intense focus in my career and lifestyle and with boxes all around me. I have exquisite memories of my recent five week Europe vacation with family, new friends, and members of the fabulous Womens Travel Club.

Be careful what you wish for, as it likely will happen! It has. I find myself awake smiling, filled with gratitude for what is, and excited anticipation of what yet life will offer up.

Travel with groups, around the world, to be part of a movement joining hands with women everywhere, is my passion.

I have started already to craft my 8 Mantras for Daily Living, and ‘a little about me’. I invite you to do the same. There is always room for revision and rethinking values and purpose. I invite myself as well to consider the infinite possibilities of what lies ahead.

Join me in my travels, and in my process, if you like. I do look forward to hearing from you on how we can co create together.

All the best,


Ps. “A Little About Me”. (A draft)

Here’s a little about me: I travel the world in luxury and style, furthering the dream of women holding hands around the world. I enjoy walking, music and laughter and the space between the sea and the shore. I am a mindful artist: I write, quilt and paint to inspire positivity, possibility, curiosity, gratitude, kindness, peace and love. I live an abundant and ecstatically happy life.

8 mantras for mastery: every day

1. I am mindful and full of gratitude everyday for the magical, infinite, loving reality in which I live. I live in Easy World!

2. I am loving, joyful, happy and kind to all, most especially myself. I radiate positive light, goodwill and peace.

3. My body is vibrant, photogenic and full of energy. I embody health and positivity.

4. I visualize in exquisite detail my epic global lifestyle, including group travel, and inspirational writing. I am brilliant, inspiriting and exuberant and lead a movement of women holding hands around the world.

5. Plentiful abundance easily flows through me. I attract clear skies, sunshine and moonbeams.

6. I climb My Everest. I take courageous steps to spark miracles everyday. I knock on doors and turn over stones.

7. Morning pages, power words and Artist dates spark magic, delight, fun, joy, interest, curiosity, and mystery.

8. Everyday I show up early, give thanks often, expect the best, appreciate everything, make it fun, lead, invent, wink, smile and celebrate my success.

I love every minute of my wonderful abundant affluent happy life

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