Maratea and Sapri, south Italy

Today we had a leisurely morning. We made a nice breakfast and enjoyed time together to chat and plan and talk about what we value. We went to Maratea town, parked the car, walked the little alleys toward a fresh farmers market and stocked up on veggies and fruit. We will plan to prepare a few meals for this great group of gals.

We continued in the car, and drove in search of the marina and never really found it .. Lol. We came back to the resort and made a wonderful green salad to share for lunch, full of varietals of green and black olives.

Four of us headed north to Sapri…. I enjoyed the drive along the coast. The town was enchanting and we explored after we parked. Livable, clean, restful town with a large boardwalk along the sea. No real touristy stuff … We walked around and did some fab shopping. Sent postcards via post office to grandsons in Canada. After Gelateria …

We all bought leather change purses on sale. And a few other finds. I found a silk scarf of old Europa … It is lovely and will be my signature scarf as the ‘traveling agent’. We drove home with the lovely sun set of orange, red sky behind the mountain.

We prepared and ate a veggie dinner with a cold bottle of white wine followed by consulting the map and making plans for the next three days of exploration before we return to Naples and flight home.

Early night tonight …. For a good rest, as we plan to be up for six am and on the road driving straight south along the coast.

Ciao tutti!
Ti amo




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