Hop on, see it all. London UK

We hit Starbucks just a few blocks away at 645 this morning. What a treat to enjoy familiar bevies so far from home. Clean and pleasant Starbucks! By the way I can’t say that for the one by the Tower of London … The worst … Grounds in coffee and bathrooms a disgrace. Horrid experience …. So let’s get back to the wonderful day and the sights we enjoyed.

There are over 200,000 French speaking people in London. Looking up we see unique spires dotting the skies, picturesque roof tops with chimneys poking up, some roof gardens and even some gargoyles.

We want to return to the National History Museum, since 1887. We did not get back early enough today. Lucky for me it is near the super shop Harrods, where I will prefer to spend that few hours. I can skip most museums most happily. Lol.

St. Paul’s cathedral, people climb to top and have great view of the city of London. What an imposing sight!

Went through Westminster

Harrods is huge. I want to walk there. Apparently there is a spot with photo of Diana and Dodi that I would like to see. There is a dress code for entering this massive shopping Center.

Savoy world famous hotel and theatre in London and the first to have electricity in the city all those dark years ago …. Smile. And did you know that the interior of the Waldorf hotel was designed by the very same person who designed the inside of the Titanic? Interesting facts coming at me faster than I can record.

Trafalgar Square, looks authentic, red busses, statues, columns, phone booths, mailboxes and a large blue chicken? Lol. what is that about? We see it a few times and it is next to a huge sign of Canada … Perhaps the new embassy? But what does it have to do with the chicken/rooster? Am I the only curious one?

Twinings tea place here.

“Climb on the shoulders of giants” is a sign on the front door of Kings college.

Blue sky. Beautiful green parks, brown river Thames, enchanting bridges
Stunning architecture old hotels and brick and stone churches. Old trees over the roads, delightful bright flower boxes on window sills

Red double decker busses, red telephone booths and places boasting free wifi.

Met 4 men from Australia and they gave me some tips for Italian travels. Recommended Burrata cheese, fresh tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar…
Wine Barolo, chianti Classico,

Original Hard Rock Cafe. We rode the bus for about three hours straight and there was some duplication happening so we hopped off to see if we can get Tickets for a musical and a loo, and bevy and bite to eat. Stretching legs was good.

Convent garden used to be called when nuns from convent sold their garden produce there at the market, stopped for a quick trip to loo at Starbucks and then pie place for a Meantime, pale ale beer brewed in London and Battersea Steak and Stout pie for Steve. Side salad with spinach and roasted potatoes for Pam! Wow! Wonderful flavours and in a quaint hole in the wall place right in the market area, marble tables and wooden benches for chairs. Great prices … Whole dinner for two including bevies less than dinner in a pub next door at Punch and Judy’s ….
I can see a booth selling sangria that might be nice for me …. And it was! Smile.

Trafalgar sq… All places in London measure from the brass plaque behind the statue. Did you know the Romans built London 2000 years ago as a trading place … Still used for that today. Bank of England is imposing! Started 1694 and has its own museum inside! In 1666 the fire of London started from a bakery and destroyed 13,000 buildings. There is a monument to the fire at the spot of that bakery.

University of Economics we saw, attended by Pierre E Trudeau and Mik Jäger among a few other famous folks!

I can hear the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral at exactly four pm. As we were on the bus again situated right in front. What a sight and sound!

We walked two bridges across the Thames and down the boardwalk area on both sides for a few blocks.

We had fabulous Indian food for supper …. Great day!

Wish you were here


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