Posting from Starbucks in St Petersburg Russia!

Day two St Peteersburg

Sunny again! We are told by our tour guide that this is very unusual for this warm sun this time of year. 98% humidity. I find it very pleasant here and very much enjoy the sunshine. We are in tour group 10 today, St Petersburg Explorer. A map, an interactive pen, and an hour for the first stop.

St Isaacs Cathedral, Hotel Astoria, monument to Nicholas 1, blue bridge, the Bronze Horseman monument to Peter 1 and the Alexandrovsky building. Total walk 1.8 km in one hour. All accounted for. Sunny and still cool in the morning. Our tour guide gave brief information of the area.

Stop two. 4.6 km, 2 hours to explore on our own. Highlights included Spilled Blood Cathedral, museum of fine arts, St Michael castle and gardens. What it must have been like to be a girl and to frolic and play also to be courted in these gardens?

Alexandrinsky Theater, monument to Catherine, bridges, Russian museum, Church of Spilled Blood

Presently walking Nevisky Prospect … Large shopping street. Posting from Starbucks in St Petersburg Russia, Love my life!




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