This Adventure has Begun 29 August 2014

Hello all dear ones,

Sitting on the other side of security, having dropped our bags and sighed relief. We are here on time and within luggage weight limit.

Does everyone stress about such things? I brought a small checked suitcase…. It seems to be the only way (weigh) I can stay under limit. And so I “shared” some of my items with my travel partner with the little bit of room he had left over. Ha ha.

How will I get home? Scarlett O’Hara would say ….”I will think about that later …” Smile.

A few weeks ago in preparation for this world travel, I purchased a lovely little light weight bag to carry as an international purse. I thought it was so cute. So this morning as I was trying to find a way to bring my gluten free travel convenience food, I found the new cute bag to be lacking in size. While it still wants to come, it just will not do the trick. I ran out of space.

Items of discard gently set aside. I was noticing still small voices of pleading … “Take me, find a way ….. Don’t leave me behind on this very important trip”.

A light bulb moment as I am putting rejected shoes back in their spots …. A bigger bag! Put the small cute one inside a bigger lightweight lulu bag! Yes! Call it a purse! Plenty of room.

Happy with my packing choices, although I can barely remember what went in to the checked suitcase when I closed it almost a week ago, it seems. I don’t have time to review the selection. Just stuff it all in.

Happily we do the last minute sparkle to our condo, leaving it clean and fresh for showing while we are away.

I sent a few texts as we pull out of the underground garage, top down in convertible, stopped of course, for use of cell phone. And away we go … Few selfie pics posted to Facebook.

An hour to craft the first travel blog and enjoy the anticipation of all that is to come in the next five weeks before I arrive back to this spot.

Off to London UK via a stopover in Calgary to visit my friend. Nice.

Stay with me, it is going to be a great trip!



One comment on “This Adventure has Begun 29 August 2014

  1. Adrienne says:

    YES, I’ll be staying with you! My goodness! If this is your first blog note and not even out of the country yet, I can’t wait to experience your next literary impressions. What a fine writer you are! I’m taking a break from house hunting and at my brother’s cottage on Muskoka Lakes.

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