Travel Planning: England, Italy

Planning for England and Italy

The excitement of going to foreign places is high. The stress of making plans is also rising. I am reading about places and trying to plan how I will get around. Where to stay, transfers, food.

I like to cruise, well, actually, I love to cruise. Most of my travels center around cruising because it is luxurious and easy for me. I get to explore new places from the safety and comfort of my cruise ship. I love it.

This trip does start with a lovely and most luxurious two week Cunard cruise through the Baltic. Then several days in London with family to explore a few places I always wanted to see: London bridge, the Tower of London, Buckingham palace and Big Ben.

Then I fly, alone to Naples. I will meet up with four or five, not yet confirmed, ladies from the travel club. I have assisted with their flights and wish we could arrive together.

Then staying at a small hotel we selected, maybe a bed and breakfast. We will check out the area for several days until we move on to see Sorrento, Pompeii and a week discovering the area around Amalfi coast. I have only heard stories, this will be my first time in the south of Italy.

Followed by a week at a time share generously provided by one of the gals, 5 of us will travel the area exploring. And I will be driving standard on the small curvy roads hugging the coast of Southern Italy.

So many plans to make and lists to check off. The dates get closer and closer. I fly out of Victoria at end of August. Much to do between now and then.

Ciao Bella,


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