Revisit the Bucket List

Bucket lists and Inspirations

What causes something to arrive on my bucket list? What makes me want to return to certain places? And why did I end up there in the first place? What do I love about travel to new locations, and familiar ones?

This past few weeks I have been really surprised by my answers to some of the questions noted above. I have committed to travel to places that I did not know were on my list and also some that have been always on my list, and I have been to a few times before! So surprised at the range of responses to “invitations” to go along.

A few things come to mind, and I just thought I would write about them. When someone I know gets super excited about a destination, and then, as a travel consultant I do some research for them and find the absolute best deal, great value and intriguing vacations, I am so tempted to go along.

Some leave me cool, for my own travel plans, and some take me to a full boil in an instant, where just moments before there was almost no interest. Is that an inspiration from the Universe? Is it a sign? What to do with it?
When I get a sign that this is a great value, luxury cruise (for example) to a destination that is intriguing and unique, an exciting adventure springs in to my mind. I admit some of it definitely has to do with relationships.

I make most of my decisions based on relationships. Maybe we all do? Inspiration and dreams leads the way. “Travel to far off destinations with family, friends and women holding hands around the world.” This has been part of my vision statement for my personal life, for several years now. It is coming true, and it is showing up in my life in a clear and consistent way now. Did I create it by narrowing my focus?

Whatever the path, the truth is that I have arrived. I love where I am and I love even more where I am going. This past two weeks I have laid my money down on deposit for two outstanding brilliant, life changing and fabulously exotic trips. Both with Oceania. One is Greece, oh I love Greece! With a few stops in Turkey and a few more islands in Greece that I have not yet visited, of course, also Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes, my 3 favourite Greek islands.

I am over the moon excited, even though we don’t go till September 2015. The most fun is that several of the Womens Travel club members are joining me and we will travel together. My favorite bus driver, she is joining me too. And my mom, and some great friends, and two gals I met on my last trip to Italy … the list goes on. There is still space and I hope you join me.

The second trip, which is sooner, March 2015 is 21 day repositioning cruise aboard Oceania Regatta (small boutique ship) through the Amazon! Can you believe it? Can you even dream such a fabulous trip? Flights included round trip Vancouver and there are 3 of us gals booked so far. Breathtaking scenery, the ship that I love so much, and the luxury of Oceania. Going places I have never been and returning to Rio de Janeiro (I still have my Brazil passport from my last repositioning cruise with Oceania!!). I get to cross the Equator again and be in that glorious heat.

Well, for now that is my travel blog. The stories of my future travels will unfold. I hope you have been inspired to take a chance, join a group and see the world! If you want to join my travel group, google Meetup Victoria Womens Travel Club and you will see us there!!

Tally ho,

One comment on “Revisit the Bucket List

  1. reneeinoz says:

    Woooohoooo I want your job! Looking forwards to a fab, fab trip. Jungle fever already!

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