Travel Dreams and Positivity


I have been reading some books, inspired by my life, Positivity and Love 2.0 by Barbara Frederickson. While scientific, they are also educational and thought provoking.

Ten words of Positivity: Joy; serenity; inspiration; awe; hope; gratitude; interest; amusement; pride; and love.

Without exception, these ten words are present in my travels past and future.

I enjoy the beauty and discovery of the unknown. As I prepare for world travel, I am joyous in anticipation.

I am in awe of physical surroundings, the natural and the ancient preserved, and architecture visible in cities from cobblestone streets; bird song, flowers on the window sill brightly contrasting to old stone entranceways, large clay pots and vistas of deep blue seas.

I experience heartfelt gratitude for the plentiful opportunities to spend precious time aboard amazing luxurious and stylish cruise ships with my close family, friends and women travel club members.

The serenity I feel when watching ocean waves, as I stand, much like a lighthouse, illuminating and soaking in the fresh cool salty air.

Inspired by stories and the felt sense of being one with the universe, walking where world leaders, women, have stepped out and taken action before me.

I witness hope, evident in the eyes and exquisite dance of foreign and friendly people, who have found their freedom song and joyously share like no one is watching.

With curiosity and interest I explore and experience adventure in exotic locations, finding myself in the culture and story of greatness.

Laughing out loud in amusement, I can’t help but smile back at the experiences of soulful happiness.

Getting up, dressing up and showing up with pride for my own contribution to the global community, leaving gifts of kindness and grace in my wake.

I wait in anticipation of my next travel adventure! What will it be in 2014? A drive across the country in search of a new home and exploration of the great country I live in?

My travel dreams are always in motion.

With love,


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