A New Beach

6- a new beach.

Sometime in the night one of the boys, the youngest, stirs. He lets out a cry from the night. I don’t want him to wake his brother sharing the room. I gather him in my safe arms, whisper cooing sounds in his ears, send love messages through soft touch and steady breathing. He snuggles in to my neck and gently drifts into safety and slumber once again. I place him safely in his sleep space, so grateful for the opportunity to be his loved one.

Breakfast and check out at 11 am. Plans are proposed by me for another beach adventure. We set our iPhone to Hirtle Beach not too far from Lunenberg. Sandy with surf. Perfect. No slimy red sand, just beautiful freezing cold waves and sand like brown sugar, so soft to run on. No shells on this beach.

Luke and I frolic for what seems like hours. He falls, I fall. We jump and squeal with delight at the big waves, big splashes and out running the surf to the shore. For Jack it is a bit cold and once he tastes the cold on his feet, he makes the choice to enjoy the warm sand and comfort of dry land close to his mom. My mom and Steve hold our precious belongings and watch with interest from up on very dry land. Sheena stays close by and gets cold feet when she does not pay attention to the surf stretching out to claim her.

I am in heaven. Beaches with surf in the hot sun are a pull for me. Like an addiction I can’t seem to, and don’t want to stop. Time stands still. And my heart races with the excitement of a young girl who has body memories of such a sound, smell, taste and sensation of this space in another time past.

Wish you were here,

Love Pam

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