Shopping for Dresses

Shopping for dresses

I love to shop. Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a shopper.

Over the years I have become more specifically discriminating in my shopping. Other than basic necessities, I shop now for unique designer items. And most especially when I travel I seek out the long silky slinky numbers that are often made for the woman figure that I have been so blessed with. Tall and willowy, long legs and arms, and slim shape.

I have added layers of jewellery around my neck and each finger is adorned with at least one ring, up to three per. I have an enviable row of shoes lining the hallways and closets in my home, mostly flats so they don’t take up much room.

I love flowy clothes. I love the all white combination for summer, and Greece. I love black and heavier drapey fabrics and even sequins for cruise wear with evening dining. I love a splash of color and layers and layers for flights and changing seasons and time zones.

I enjoy dress up. On some cruises the opportunity exists to be very formal and even black and white masked balls! Sometimes I am creative with large silky scarves dramatically draped for interest and an entrance.

I have started to gather some favourite designers items through my travels abroad and also here at home. I link to their Facebook sites. I go on the web and google this seasons offerings. What do I have already that looks like that? Simple lines and easy fabrics. How can I capture that look?

Classy simple lines. Easy care fabrics and comfort are all part of what I value. When I check out the closet in the morning I consider the latest finds and combine with some basics from another time.

Shopping is so much more than going out to buy something. It involves the study, the touch, the trying on, the image and emotion that arises when I step into the new item, be it scarf or dress.

Word to the wise, when you love it, buy it. It is not available in every country or even in another store. One of a kind from a foreign land cannot be replaced. Sometimes I even buy two, one in each color, especially if I love it more than anything that is in my suitcase on this trip!

Women stop me and say how nice it looks, “where ever did you find that?” … And how can they research and find their hearts desire dress?

Years of practice and study and countless hours looking, walking, touching, imagining, and allowing myself to be dressed by the designer or store clerk who offers me tempting items while I spend hours in a change room.

This summer I will have spent many hours in tiny rooms with small doors and sometimes only a curtain between me and the outside world. I have already found some items I will keep for always. Some of my favourite clothing items were hanging just a few short weeks ago in a designer sale rack in the back of a little store in Chania Crete in Greece. It was my second time to that place and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Next stop Florence and Rome for a taste of Italy to add to my collection. Momentos of my shopping excursions around the world!



3 comments on “Shopping for Dresses

  1. ksmith73 says:

    Yes I know how much you love shopping! I love you dearly but I would probably start screaming if I shopped with you too often lol. I did survive the last and only time , but that was of short duration 🙂

  2. ksmith73 says:

    Ok that sounded terrible the way I put it ……I am sure I would love shopping in Greece though!

  3. It is your passion for shopping, cruising and visiting exotic places that fill my heart. I feel the passion in your words.

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