Mykonos …. Ahhhhhhh, beautiful Greece

The sun is out, the wind is blowing a bit to keep it cool and the sky is true blue. Not a cloud anywhere.

We tendered in to the port after leisurely taking our time having breakfast and such. We walk over to the direction of the line of windmills, five in a row. We stop to admire the flock of seagulls coasting on the wind over the water. What a sight. I will post a pic.

Then walked around the church, took more pics. Mykonos, next to Santorini for me is the most picturesque and typically Greek for tourists. White washed buildings, bright colourful flowers, beautiful narrow alley ways, painted roads and sidewalks. It is a fairy tale place. Magic and unique.

We walk until we have run out of unfamiliar corners to turn. We enter little shops if the items in the windows are unique and quality. We pick up post cards and other tokens and trinkets to bring home for loved ones. We think of you!

We walk the boardwalk by the sea, and stop for a Greek coffee for mom, and a bottle of water for me. Just a break to watch people go by. So enjoyable and relaxing, such a picture perfect day for our last on on the cruise.

Not leaving much money for the economy here, we go back to the ship. We have salmon brochettes, well done, with salad by the pool, a glass or two of white wine, a Chardonnay, and I have a frozen margarita as well. We have a delightful visit with friends and share too many desserts and realize dinner is only an hour away!

Off to the room to pack our suitcases and change for dinner and final show night.

Our final dinner and we go a bit early to enjoy a cocktail and appys while waiting for our friends to join us at six and the Discoveries dining room to open. We have a favourite spot, table and wait staff waiting on our every need.

Never to disappoint, Santosh and Ruiz are in good form and keep busy with our requests. A full moon over Mykonos as we set sail. A beautiful sight indeed.

The talent show to display the staff is almost over by the time we arrive. It seems every passenger on the ship is in the lounge waiting to see and hear Eric the cruise director for his final show. He also never disappoints and again brings the level of quality of the show to an all time high, a standing ovation, again. He had his parents as guests on the cruise and brought his mom up to accompany him on the piano for Battle Hymn of the Republic. Another spectacular show. The dancers and singers on the ship are also show cased and give flawless performances.

Tired, satisfied and ready for an early morning rise, we head back to our room. A moment on the balcony to feel the salty breeze and then a few giggles and off to sleep. Mom stubs here toe in a sleepless night, broke it.

Otherwise a perfect day, in Greece and one that will be remembered always.

Love Pamela
Wish you were here

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