Highlights of mother daughter Greek adventure

Highlights from the Mother Daughter Greek Adventure

Travelling together and having laughs is a great thing.

Mykonos in the hot sun, blue sky, whitewashed and full of treasures and picturesque alley ways.

Shopping in Chania with mom. Wow! I have to say that it was a success and so fun and such great shops.

Eric de Gray the Cruise Director was far and away the BEST cruise director any of us had ever experienced ever. Memorable, talented, everywhere, fun, musical, hard working, generous, respectful, funny, family oriented ( told stories of his grandfather every day, his mom and dad on the cruise, he did a song while his mom accompanied on the piano!). His broadway hits songs, his roller blading, cross dressing, wearing high heels, ABBA tributes, back up singing at the White Night event, ending each evening with stories of grampa, which he read to us in a special voice.

Sharing a room, dinner, balcony, time, wine, shopping, food, laughs with my mom.

I bought us each some worry beads to take home as a reminder of our days in Greece.

Having most dinners with Norma and Richard Smith from Seattle / Hawaii

Catching up on days events with people we met, including Harry and Roz and countless others -many we don’t remember their names.

Azamazing Evening concert in Haifa at ancient outdoor theatre with Israeli food, wine, and cushions on the concrete seats.

One day three island tour in Greece, Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

Bodrum, the unexpected stop in Turkey was lovely. Small wealthy port town full of yachts.

Changing Canadian to American to Euros and Scheckels at the front desk on the ship. Mom was telling the concierge she had run out of money. He was funny and kept the fun alive. He blew her a kiss as she left the ship on debarkation.

Very dirty vodka martini with extra olives, delicious crisp white wine off dry with dinner, frozen lime margaritas with salted rim and appys in the lounge before dinner

Santosh and Ruiz our wait staff, delightful fun service, we always asked for their table. They looked after my food requests, and hot water with lemon, extra dish of olives, fresh berries and pavlova for dessert. Table 68 I think.

I arrived with I think a broken bone in my foot and it is healing nicely, not so swollen on last day, mom then stubbed her baby toe in the night and broke hers.

Two of us with packing stress the night before the flight repacking our suitcases in to the wee hours. Trying to cram it all in or wear it, so we keep under the weight on the way home.

Moms stuffed travel Eyore posed under the blankets with turn down service.

Olives and feta cheese and cold white wine … When in Greece

Leg room on the long flight, thanks to Mary, Saint Mary of Athens! Lets hope she flies again tomorrow!

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