Predicting Turkey

Predicting Turkey

Our plans for a port day in Santorini had to be changed. Just the day before our scheduled port of call, the weath prediction is for gusty winds on that island. Five cruise ships are affected and only one can be tied up. The others would have to tender and the seas will be too rough for safety.

They told us today that we will be going instead to Bodrum, Turkey. My fourth different port of call in Turkey, and I have never been to this one. Actually I have never even heard of it. Our little ship can nestle in to port and there will be new shore excursions for passengers to enjoy. I understand it once was a fishing village and will be a lovely spot. Many people were pleased and applauded the choice.

The Pursuits daily programme says it is an international centre for tourism and yachting. History of this place dates back to 13th century BC. It is old! It is home to creative artists, poets, singers and more.

We will arrive at 8 am and depart at 8 pm. We will dock for the whole day. I look forward to the leisure time, although kind of disappointed not to show mom Santorini. It means I get to come back one day! I so love Greece, Italy and the Mediterranean. Especially my heart is set on Greece.

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