Island Nafplion

Island Nafplion

The centre square is paved with marble. This is an ancient city surrounded by shops and cafes. Bakeries, tourist shops and a boardwalk promenade. There is a fortress as well a prison (no longer in use) sits in the harbour on its own island. Interesting and gloomy energy.

A local tourist gal is by the main lobby and we stop to chat and learn from her. It’s will be an awesome day to wander and look. Gentle day in Greece. It’s is my first time here and we tender in. We share the harbour with Oceania Riviera ship. Very beautiful and both my favourite cruise lines.

Later: we investigated the streets of marble throughout old town. Shops, cafes, interesting people. Many from our ship we recognized. We found some little treasures. I was looking for a coin or pendant of Greece. I found one to add to my collection around my neck. Some said it was some ancient calendar, some said it is a collection of Greek symbols and came from Ephesus. Once I found it, there were several others in a few more shops, silver, comparable prices. I looked at rings and clothes, but not much tempted me. I found a cute ring, no symbol of significance and I had to take off one of maxi sting rings to make room for the new addition.

I found some more suitable postcards to send to Luke and Jack.

We came back to the ship and had salmon brochettes by the pool area … And Mediterranean grilled veggies. Yum! A glass of white wine for the day. Off to our room to et ready for the evening. I had a date with the maitre d from diniNg area to discuss my food issues. Then on to a cocktail party meet and greet with 189 travel agents! I am shocked by the large number.

Ten dinner with another couple. They were lovely, married 30 years, live in San Diego. Both very tall. We ended up talking a lot about criminals and youth and what people can do to assist. It was a great chat. Then we went to the show together and listened with goosebumps to the singing voice of the cruise director from Toronto Eric de Gray. Powerful voice and very entertaining!

Checked email this morning. The sun came out and the day was so great. Relaxing and so enjoyable.

Wish you were here.

Love Pamela

Ps off to Crete, Chania is the port town, more tendering. I loved this city when I was here in the fall. It seemed much hotter then.

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