One day cruise

Hydra, Poros and Aegina

The Saronic islands cruise, 3 of the 9 in total we will visit today. First one, Hydra, has no vehicles on it. Apparently very small and we will have a short time to wander around the small port city.

Poros will be second stop after lunch, and also small.

Aegina, famous for many things Greek including large groves of pistachio nuts. I will make a purchase and eat to enjoy on the cruise back to Pireaus.

There is a few bars and a shop selling jewellery and handbags, a few t shirts and scarves on board the cruise ship.

Long day .. Just got back to hotel, about 9 pm. Sun came out today and shone brightly. Very much enjoyed the day. I recommend this one day cruise.

Going to embark on Azamara cruise on the Journey tomorrow.

Good night all,

Wish you were here.

2 comments on “One day cruise

  1. Marilyn says:

    I just caught up on your adventures. I feel like I’m thee with you so thank you for sharing. Send a big hug and a laugh to Shirley for me, what an amazingly fun and vibrant woman your mother is. I still laugh at the picture of us warning ourselves in Seattle at the end of our Hawaiian cruise. When hearing about your meal with olives I was remembering you and my daughter gorging on olives in Crete. We have had some great adventures together and look forward to many more.

    Much love

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