Toronto and technical issues resolved

Just heading in to Toronto

Hi there. Can’t get the iPad to post in WordPress here in Toronto. Strange. I checked clock in Athens, 10:25 pm and 3:25 here ….12:25 mid day in Victoria. Same day. Friday 10 May.

Weather here cool, grey and glad I am inside with sporadic rain showers. I seem to recall now why I live on an island in the Pacific! Love living in Victoria, the weather, the people, the ocean waves, sea gulls…. My life.

Guess I will keep on writing for a while till the Internet works. A flight just left for Halifax but I guess there was no room for me. Mine is in another hour or so. I should check.

I just checked Facebook and lobsters available in Halls Harbour down home … Um, Nova Scotia! Lucky me, I hope. Mom sent me a note there is a lobster snack for me waiting …. Been a long time since I have had fresh lobster, I guess since I saw her last. Well, going to change that in a few hours.

In the meantime I am unable to get on to the Internet for some reason. I am so not a techy! I was connected, not sure what happened.

Oh well, I will just keep on keeping on and hope for some energy to shift and my connection to be easy.

Mine is now the next flight to go … In maybe an hour …. In the meantime I people watch, took a picture of some planes and bright sky that peaked out.

Wish you were here.


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