Stardust Memories

Stardust memories

We stopped quickly for decaf skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. Noticed the temperature is much warmer than yesterday and the sun is beautiful in the clear sky. Posted on Internet.

Walked next door to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. A retro cafe with fabulous menu and all the wait staff sing! Omg, serenaded and entertained while waiting for omelets. More and more songs. Oldies, celebrations, and with feeling. 15 staff all trying to get discovered, the management pays for singing, acting and dancing lessons for them all! A duo, young woman and man sang the duet from The Little Shop of Horrors. The name of the song was Suddenly Seymour, and they stood on the back of the booth i was sitting in. Almost tears in my eyes as the experience overtook me. I strongly recommend this place. 1650 Broadway. We could not get in last night but breakfast is super busy too ….. Saturday morning in the city that never sleeps. What fun. I love my life.

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