Another wonderful day at sea

And another sea day

The seas are a bit calmer today and the sun is bright and sparkling. We ate breakfast in the dining room and met some very interesting people as well, for lunch. We always enjoy sitting with others at meal time. And the food and service are very good. I enjoy a pot of peppermint herbal tea at the meals, and water no ice, and often a pot of hot water.

Last evening we were invited to meet the captain, a woman, and her crew, mostly men. Champagne flows freely and the Queens Room is such a lovely venue. We talked to a lovely couple, she is retired as a child psychologist. So investing. It seems over fifty percent of the people we have met are from the UK. Perhaps more.

Those who have heard of Victoria or Vancouver, also love it. There is never a shortage of things to talk about. Many are very experienced cruisers and a substantial number indicate that sailing on Cunard for transatlantic is much better value than flying!

Tonight we have another formal night and another cocktail party followed by a ball. Last night was the black and white ball and almost every seat was full at dinner with such an attractive group of people dressed in their best. Men with tuxedos, black bow ties, white jackets, white bow ties and black jackets. Women with sparkles and glitter, black on white and black on black. This is such a handsome ship and the passengers make special effort to dress for occasions.

We will still have a few more balls to attend, a masquerade, and royal ascot ball. We have plenty of clothes to honor the occasions. Tall champagne glasses full of lovely pale golden bubbles to celebrate the event.

I finished two watercolor paintings today, the New York skyline, and a door and staircase, probably from somewhere I have traveled. I will start another one or two tomorrow.

The painting instructor is lovely and very generous with her time and tips. I can tell I am surrounded by British accents, I can hear the accent in my head as I type this entry. Quite lovely indeed.

Well, more to come. I hope the sun is shining where you are and that your new year is giving you a glimpse of greatness to come.


Love Pam

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