Goal setting exercise. My “why”

“do the thing and you will get the energy to do the thing”

I live my life each day as I would climb a mountain.  I glance at the summit with my goal in mind and enjoy the journey and scenes as I take steps.  I climb slowly, steadily and enjoy each passing moment.

I am happy, healthy and wealthy. I make decisions and achieve my goals.  I love myself unconditionally, just as I am.  I love me, I am sorry, I forgive me, and I am grateful and thank me.

I  reach my goal of assisting 10 Diamonds in Univera.

I assist thousands of people to have richer more full and vibrant lives.

I assist countless young people and children to live their dreams, and I am a role model for mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

I am a world traveler.  I walk on cobblestones older than imagination; I take pictures of doorways and windows all through Europe and other exotic places; I dine gluten free and healthy in local establishments; I sleep in different countries in comfortable, clean beds and I spend my money supporting local markets, stores and merchants; I support and assist women to hold hands around the world, in solidarity, respect and love.

I am generous to people in need.

I spend quality time holding the hearts and traveling with my grandchildren, telling stories and writing books.

I feel the heat on my face, and the cobblestones under my feet.  I feel the gentle squeeze of my grandson’s hand as we cross the ancient roadway and head down another foreign alley to explore.  I smell the fragrance of freshly ground coffee and baked goods, pizza and pasta, olive oil and red wine, candle wax and flowers freshly sprayed and warm in the morning sun.

I paint my surroundings with watercolors and gift the paintings to loved ones.  I write blogs and turn the words into ebooks combining my travel stories with those of other adventurous women everywhere.

I want this; I really want it.   This is a good reason to replace my old habits with new ones.  My reason to do what I know I have to do.  My “why”.

I refuse to accept anything less.  I achieve that which I believe.  I radiate confidence and assurance.  I expect success and I receive results.  I am aware of my unlimited potential and how to develop and utilize it.  I am prepared and chance favors my prepared mind.  I become what I think because thoughts become things.  I believe in me and I reach my goals.

I can travel anywhere on vacation and I travel everywhere.  I return to the Mediterranean every year to enjoy the streets and sounds of Italy, and I cruise among the Greek islands annually to taste the ripe olives, drink the crisp sweet white wine and savor the local feta cheese.  I enjoy the greenery of the south of France and relax in the countryside; I volunteer to pick grapes on a vineyard.  I take a safari in Africa with a group of women on an adventure tour.  I enjoy a walkabout in the outback of Australia and sail around New Zealand.  I go to New York every year to enjoy the best of Broadway and sail the Transatlantic on Cunard to Southampton where I catch a train or coach to London to see the royal sights.  I travel around the British Isles, discover the old world and explore my roots.

I explore Asia, the south Pacific, Hawaii, the old south of USA and Russia.  I walk Hadrian’s wall and spend days contemplating on the great wall of China.  I explore old places where women have walked before me and I gain strength and inspiration from those feelings of walking where my grandmothers have walked before me.  I am in awe always of the ancient ones.

I buy hats, jewelry and scarves from foreign marketplaces and I leave money in the communities I travel to.  I am always be dressed my best, knowing I am meeting new people and I respect the sweet spot in a new relationship, always making a remarkable memorable first impression.  I take pictures with my mind and I write stories.

I paint with watercolor of the alleys, bright buildings and colorful flower gardens hanging from window boxes.  I look up at the bright night sky and marvel at the number of women who stood in this same place and wished upon a star for their loved one.  I am one of them now.

I have a scooter type motor vehicle to enjoy on warm sunny days.  For serious driving I have my convertible BMW white automobile.  The stereo is adjusted to listen to country music on long drives and also to inspirational speakers who motivate me and help me to achieve great heights.

I have a motor home van vehicle to travel across the country with my grandchildren.  I drive across at least once a year on our summer vacation to swim ocean to ocean.  All my vehicles are convertible, lots of leg room and a fantastic sounding stereo.  As well for rainy days in town I love my bright white Fiat with a black soft roof.

My homes include my small condo in Victoria BC, one in Halifax NS and a hotel room in Hawaii on the beach on Kauai.  I have a nice villa in the Cinque Terre in Italy and when I am not there, it is home to a housekeeper and her family.  When I come there to stay, we share the space and enjoy our time leisurely.  I return every year to a vineyard in the south of France to volunteer to pick grapes and they have a guest house ready for my arrival for a few weeks every year.

I love to have that penthouse stateroom on a Cunard and Oceania ship so I can join the cruise anytime and anywhere that suits me.  When I am not using the stateroom, it is used for other passengers, so it does not sit empty.  It is fun to offer it to members of my team and to single parent family headed by women, who write brilliantly and get a chance to win the experience of luxury travel.    I love to have a guest home at West Bay Marina in Victoria for weekend enjoyment to stay over, and for my friends and family who drop by to see me in Victoria BC.

I hold Blue Diamond rank in Univera with unlimited earning potential.  I receive between $50,000 and $100,000 per month in income as well as have my BMW paid for including the fuel and other maintenance fees.  I receive 2% of the company profits which soar higher every year.  I spend every day in service and assistance to all the Diamond associates (at least 10) by hosting webex and phone calls or being there in person.  We all travel together when we can.    I travel twice a month to my teams to assist and inspire their businesses.  I travel on cruises and with large groups of 30 people each time I am on vacation, having booked them all in my travel business as well, having my trips paid for as a result.

All who travel with me are involved in Univera either as loyal customers or business associates.  I am assisting the global community with bringing the best of nature to human kind.  All enjoy vibrant health and wealth that assists them to do great work in the world to reduce poverty and suffering.

HerWay Travel is a house hold name brand globally and has a following of millions of readers and contributors.  It is bigger in scope and significance than National Geographic and Oprah.  I share the profits with many women writers and artists as we join hands and work together for world peace.



2 comments on “Goal setting exercise. My “why”

  1. Dawn Nickel says:

    Beautiful goals, intentions, affirmations….all the best!

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