39 Greek Goddess?


39 Greek goddess?

Let me set the scene.  Little sleep, hair disheveled.  Teeth have been brushed and lipstick applied.  No bars left to eat, and need water to mix up a PQ cafe latte for breakfast.  Last meal was in Rome by Spanish Steps, Caesar salad with small cubes of white chicken.  Flavorful and almost 12 hours ago.  Hunger has started to set in with no immediate relief in site.
Lulu lemon is my traveling clothing line of choice.  I have wonderful lightweight grey pants, black t shirt, white lulu jacket was further added as the evening wore on and cooler night air set in.  Then turquoise jacket added when woke up very cold on the metal seats, and a white loose jacket on top of that.  Leg Warner’s had also been added in the night and I will likely leave them on, under my pants but keeping me warm.  
Sandals on my very tired and sore feet from 12 hours of walking over cobblestones, up and down steps of Rome.  Rome in a day!  With a great tour guide we managed all the highlights and included a tour inside the colosseum and two meal stops for glass of wine and small local meal.  
I will say that I have a tan.  I got more sun a few days ago and so am starting to itch on my legs.  
Yes, I am coming home from my amazing, exhausting and exciting great Greek adventure.  With side trips to three ports in Turkey, an overnight in Venice, flight in to Athens, 8 ports of call in Greece, a total of 3 sea days, a travel day by train from Venice to Civitavecchia, and finally a full tour day walking Rome followed by an overnight in the airport.  
There was fog in Germany so planes were delayed and we had an extra landing and take off.  I departed at 645 am local time from Rome, landed somewhere in Germany, then Munich, somehow still made my connection to Frankfurt, which had also been delayed and ran to catch the plane to Vancouver.  Nine hours and forty minutes on the last leg of the flight …. I am awake now with two hours to go.  Then will have to get to the ferry terminal and am sending positive thoughts for my luggage to have kept up with me today.
As I have not pre ordered any gluten free meal through Lufthansa, I am grateful I brought PQ cafe latte protein drinks to help me through the flights home.  I am not hungry really, but find it a little inconvenient and they seem a bit stingy on giving me water, or cheese or salad.  I am managing.
Still have many hours before I arrive in my own bed in Victoria sometime later today.
Safe travels to all, love and light

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