26 departure from Cunard


26 departure from Cunard 

We make it a bit late for dinner, getting stopped in customs in the metal detector.  I have accumulated much change and wearing my large silver heart around my neck.  Then the metal detector machine stalled and took time until a frustrated custom attendant took my metal items through another machine for verification.  
No time to get changed, we both realize it is 605 pm and we have neither eaten or used facilities since breakfast this morning.  We arrive greeted by the maitre d, and he welcomes us as if we are dressed for formal night, instead of how we must have looked, disheveled from the day in the rain and crowds.  We are carrying our travel bags, iPads, umbrellas and light jackets.  I am still putting my clothes together from the encounter with the customs fella.
Our dinner guests have decreased somewhat, Julieann and Stuart having left last night for their trip back to Dallas.  Stan and Kath look fabulous and spent a lovely day in Venice on their own personal tour.  They visited the old jail, they said, and that was interesting and very sad.  Mary and Peter then joined us with their tales of the day.  All our dinner partners are funny and light, and very enjoyable.  We all agree we have been so fortunate to have enjoyed each other so much and spent so much quality free time together exploring the ship, dancing, eating, drinking and the ports of call.  
Penny and I head back to our room to discuss how the morning will be and I discover that the people mover does not start till 830 am on Sundays so that is too late for us both.  Another option will have to be discovered, we settle on taking a taxi from the pier to the bus terminal where Penny has a ticket to the airport.  She will take all her luggage because to store it at the train station as she planned, will only keep a maximum of 5 days and she will be gone 6 or 7.  
Plans made, alarms set, and last minute laughs and stories before a short sleep.  6 am will come early and the day will be adventurous.  I think about Steve and my other traveling companions and imagine where they all must be at this time.  Drifting off with lists of things to remember, the day in Venice, and my first Cunard cruise come to a peaceful and satisfactory end.

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