Entry 19 more Santorini


Entry 19. Just a few steps short of heaven

This is my favorite spot.  A bucket list destination come true.  Stunning.  Breathtaking.  Santorini in the hot sun.  If you ever wondered about this place, then take the leap of faith and make it happen.  I feel like I have filled a chapter in my travel book, just today alone!
We have heard about the white wine of Santorini and have picked up a few bottles for our room and leisurely consumption.  This has been my favorite stop.  Total luxury. 
We met a few women spending a week here shopping and laying by the pool.  Perhaps this is a women’s place?  
Paradise, plus, and beyond.  Peaceful waters, views for miles, mountainous rocky cliffs all around as far as we can see, jutting out from the teal blue waters.  The buildings and roads are old, whitewashed and adorn the cliff tops. Little shops and b and b’s, cafe’s and homes all checkered on the path that climbs ever higher.  Toward that hot Santorini sun.  It must be scorching hot in the summer months!  Today is near end of September.  One woman told us it was Gypsy Summer.  We are seeing the best of the best.  If I never pass this way again, I will be happy that I was here on this day.
When we began the ascent down the cliff on the cable car to sea level, a beautiful young woman sitting next to me started to sing ” some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this”. Turns out she works on the ship!  Lucky us!  She also said when she looks up at the doors in Santorini she wants to sing ” knocking on heavens door.”. She obviously loves this place.
The wine is lovely, dressed semi formal in turquoise and ready for early dining followed by an invitation to the Commodore reception at 7:45 pm.  
I am so in love with Greece and all the memories and experiences I am having in this place.  I thought I knew the beauty and now it has become part of me and will stay with me for the rest of my lifetime.
I so wish you were all here with me.  Much love from Santorini, 

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