Mamma Mia 16


Mamma Mia, here I go again!  Entry 16

Back to Greece!  Today our great Greek adventure is on Rhodes.  We have done some reading and decided a tour to take us to Lindos and some ruins (acropolis) and the ancient towns.  Greece is rich in tradition and seems to be the pace I love …  Quiet small old towns with cobblestones, whitewashed buildings and blue domes.  Shopping is small quaint shops featuring local artisans and bright colors.  
The wine from Turkey, Villa Doluca, was rich and dry.  Flavorful and smooth.  A great recommendation from the shop owner in Izmir.  
The sunrise this morning is breathtaking.  Oranges, peach, yellow over the grey blue sea in the birth of day light.  Time for another photo on my iPad.  The crispness and full color of the iPad is remarkable.
Taking our bathing suits today in case we stumble upon beach.  Maybe umbrella too?  We have not booked our excursion yet so we are going to show up and see if there is room for us.  So looking forward to this day.  
Trying to stay present in the moment is always a practice, otherwise all days become one and non are memorable.  How much do I want out of this experience is decided by how strong my will to breathe in and out the present.  Take the time and focus on this day, this moment in time, this breath.
Pilot boat is here and it is time to grab some breakfast and head on out to the day on shore in the dreamland of Greece.  

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