Entry 4 great Greek adventure


Entry 4 the great Greek adventure
Many gracious thanks to Joanne for the few days pre flight.  she picked me up from ferry and we had a super fun time preparing for my trip.  We ate out a Greek restaurant in preparation of what come next.  We re-packed my bags and downsized my items of need on the trip.  We enjoyed a great belly laugh.  Then she got me to the airport on time. I am so grateful!  
I recommend a book, Zero Limits by Joe Vitale for a life changing practice for every moment of living.  I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
The first leg of the flight to Montreal was uneventful.  The folks sitting next to me did not speak english.  A mother and daughter team, both stunning beauties. The second leg from Montreal to Athens was a great adventure unto itself.
I met a fabulous and soulful man, Rick  S.  He is a world traveler and we shared story after great story of past experiences, great books to read, life long learning and encouragement for a future full of deep relationships.  I was so impressed and inspired with his knowledge, courage, success, willingness and straight honesty.  I do hope we keep in touch.  I would love to be in business or something with Rick.  I am so grateful for this heart communication and meeting a new friend.

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