Notes to my 20 year old self

  • Start now and save a bit of money every month.
  • Buy something that lasts and keep it safe.
  • Don’t buy things that don’t last.
  • The people you think are so important now, you might not remember their names later.
  • Be kind to your family.
  • Be kind to everyone you meet, be generous and grateful.
  • Write your story, every day.  Your life is worth recording.
  • Get work that you love and stick with it.  Learn and practice skills every day.
  • Get into a network marketing company and learn about business NOW!
  • Dream big, do a vision board every year, set your goals and stay the course.
  • Travel every chance you get.
  • Say YES more.
  • Honor yourself first.  Put your oxygen mask on before trying to help another.
  • Meditate .. go on a 30 day silent retreat before making any big decisions.
  • Be healthy and strong, look after your body – it is the only one you get.
  • Practice positive self talk EVERYDAY.  Don’t ever stop.
  • Buy Mac /Apple and always get the best technology at the time.
  • Give gifts that are meaningful to the receiver.  Take time to figure that out.
  • Take chances and enjoy risk.
  • Fall in love often, it is the best feeling.  There is more than one “the one”!!
  • Invest in a good bed and shoes that fit.
  • Never mind the sale rack, shop for the best you can afford.  Only buy if it is a “Hell YES!!”
  • Travel Travel Travel, go places, meet people, do things.
  • There is more than one right answer.

One comment on “Notes to my 20 year old self

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey Pam this is a great post. With some really good thoughts. It is true as we get older those so called little things start to have more meaning.

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