Welcome and good morning.  How do I do it?  Here are a few simple reminders for me and duplicate-able steps for anyone.

  1. My future has nothing to do with my past: and every thing to do with what I do today.
  2. My self talk is the most important voice in my day.
  3. I take a step.  I take a small step, ever onward, toward my climb to success.
  4. My attitude is my sail and determines my destination, as well as my journey.
  5. I face the opportunities and see the progress.
  6. I forgive all and offer generosity.  I smile.  I practice gratitude, optimism and positivity.
  7. I look for mentors who have what I am looking to achieve.  I follow what they say and do.
  8. I dream big; I dream often.  I live my dream.
  9. I meditate, journal, read and listen.  I connect to others and listen to their story.
  10. I matter and make a significant contribution to as many lives as I touch in a day.Image

2 comments on “My EVERY DAY blog

  1. steve anthony says:

    I know that pretty lady.

  2. Stephanie Rawlings says:

    Never seen you look better!

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