My breath catches, my eyes smile as the little noise rises from my iphone and a message from my daughter on Mothers Day, “facetime?”.  YES yes yes!  Not too long ago I would not have known what that meant.  Today it means face to face with my two grandsons and their beautiful mom.  A special Mothers Day moment to be cherished for a lifetime.  We won’t capture this moment ever again. I rush home, and prepare.  Skype is a blessing of free communication and face to face talk with the family.  Luke can see me and once realizes we are chatting says “Grammie, come.”  He is wanting me to be where he is.  The tears of joy well up in my eyes even as I write this.  And in that moment my heart was even bigger than it had been a moment before.  Painful sensation in my chest, tingling and then love pours from me through my home computer to the little boy who seeks the real essence of our relationship through the computer screen.  I remind him of the times we had together recently, “remember the goats?”.  His eyes roll a bit to the right as he accesses a file folder in his brain and bring forth a memory of not so long ago … a little over a month must be a long time in a 2 year year olds mind.  He finds what he seeks and says “GOATS”.  We talk of hot tubs and back hoes and other reminders of our last days together in person.  Later in the chat, when it is time to go, he kisses the ipad at their end …. Saying good bye to grammie. A while later they call me on the phone.  The second best way to say “I love you” on Mothers Day.  I speak to Luke.  I tell him in our private language “bucket of kisses from grammie” and I know he is listening and leaning in to the phone by the way he breathes.  He can hear me.  He can feel my heart and he is back in that moment when we were together.  And then, I sing the song I sang when we were together, La la la  la and I hear his little voice resonate with mine in the same frequency.  Our language of love.

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