The Climb of my EVEREST


Yesterday marked the ascent.  They physical, emotional, mental and spiritual climb to my brilliance.  I truly have been preparing for this, my whole life.  Getting to base camp has been a slow and steady walk of endurance and change.  To prepare for one’s life work is not a straight line.  We can’t possibly know when we start where we will end up.  We may know the why, we may know that we must …..  I did not have a snapshot until now.  I left base camp yesterday.

Many many years ago, when I was a Family Court Counsellor, I attended a weekend on Mediation.  It was a national conference and the key note speaker I remember clearly.  She was the first woman and Canadian woman, to climb Mt Everest.   On that day my life changed.  I did not know then that it did – but today, clear in my mind and my vision, I know now why I was there to hear her story.  I bought her book and somewhere in my house it still lives.  She was a heroine for me then, and now.  I have not been physical before, or at least did not fancy myself as healthy or strong, or even driven.  Here I am to tell you a different story.

Several lessons from that day still resonate with me now and vibrate at my frequency,  (my word of the year for 2012 is FREQUENCY- fine tune and amp it up).  She talked about two teams striving to do the climb.  The US team with one woman, and the Canadian team, also one woman on the team.  The truth is that it takes a team to do anything life changing and world class.  At each step of the climb, once you leave base camp – you must make strategic decisions about what to leave behind.  You can’t carry it all up there where the air is scarce.  You must decide what is life support, what you can do without.  The US team made a decision to leave behind the radio communication, on last leg of journey, close to the top.  The Canadian team decided to leave something else and kept the radio.

The lesson in this, just so we all don’t have to duplicate the mistake, is that communication to the team is the most critical part of the journey.  It made the difference because the base camp could see the athletes arriving at their destination.  “I can see you making it”.  “You are almost there”.  “Just a few more steps, I can see you”.  And in those moments when all the messages in your own brain say to stop and go back, preserve your life, you can’t do this, what were you thinking?? And all the reasons why it does not matter if you make it one more step …. When your brain can’t see the top, someone can see it for you and help you arrive.

I am beginning my ascent.  I have left base camp.  I will have to make decisions every day as I climb to put me out there, out of my “knowing” and comfort zone.  To be stepping where few have stepped before and to have full intention of arriving at the top.  I am holding on tight to the communication with my team, my family, my loved ones, my dear sweet friends who have seen me arrive at this spot and will hold the vision for me as I take each step.  When I stumble, they will be there to tell me to get up and take another step.  I am so incredibly grateful this day, on my climb that you are all there in support and love.  Thank you.

Please keep talking to me and sending me your messages.  I will need and want your words and the knowing that you are there in support.  This is what I need now and for the rest of the journey.

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