the Balloon

What if your life can be compared to a hot air balloon? You know your purpose, or at least the sense of purpose. To rise up and to fly. Unencumbered by restrictions of the ordinary, and on your own imagination to soar above the rest. To truly offer your special gift to the world. What if your vision was that big? Take a few moments to think about your vision. Fill your balloon with your dreams. Collage, with words, pictures, the places you would go and the people you would be significant for …. Your family, Europe, women all over the world, children, elderly people, people with wealth, Australia, China, people who live in poverty, ….. what is your message to the world? You are writing your book and your dream is on the front cover …. What is your special purpose? What color is your life? How high do you want to fly?
Now be on the ground – today. There are forces that hold you to the ground. There are other people’s opinions, previous experiences leading to fear, fear of success, fear of failure, not knowing ….. lack of money, habit, health, doubt, inexperience, lack of inspiration …… name them. What holds you back from being in your balloon and your special purpose?
Know in your core that time can never be a factor – we all have the same “time”. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week etc. We all have 60 minutes in every hour. We all have 60 seconds in every minute. Many of us miss those seconds, those minutes, those hours, those days and those weeks. Think back. Do you remember all days? All weeks? all years? Or do we remember moments – brief seconds of significance and “matterings”. We remember events from our perspective. We remember words spoken to us in anger, or in fear. We remember sometimes hurtful times and we can sometimes replay them as if they happened over and over and over again. We sometimes forget the 50 birthday greetings that came to us on facebook last year – even from people who don’t know us very well. Loving wishes for a long and happy life, and great success. We sometimes don’t consider and replay over and over again the compliments, the hand holding, the gifts handed to us in generosity.
We decide what ropes tie our balloon to the ground. We decide if we fly to our purpose or we sit another year and wait for “things to change”. We decide if we take a risk and follow our dream and let go of those nasty memories. We decide if we are coachable and want to learn a new way that sets us free to our purpose. We each and every day will be up against other people’s opinions and other people’s vision of us. We let that determine our greatness – even though we really secretly know we have greatness inside our balloon. We secretly in our heart of hearts and in our imagination we know what our special purpose is and who we can and need to become to fulfill our life and to live with passion and love and generosity. To be a model for our children and our parents and for people of significance for us. We know that. In our core and in our cells – it is ours alone. And we permit, we allow and we generously give our control of that to the choices we make and the people we let influence us. We allow ourselves to be the mirror of others. For others to see us as failure or weak. For others to see us as not capable or “tries too hard”, or “will never succeed” or “you won’t be good at this”. It is all in our hands and our choice, every second, every minute and so on.
This is not an easy path – to live the life you are destined for. The life you dream of. It can be full of doubt and fear. But more importantly it is full of hope and promise and future. We chose that too. Which one is it for us. Do we have the strength to live the dream? Do we have the strength to stand up and one by one, remove the ropes that tie us to the ground? Do we choose to remove those ropes one by one, with the love and support of others who would see us fly. Who would stand and cheer as our balloon leaves the ground and rises ever steady to the sky.
Surround yourself with those who will watch, support and cheer. Surround yourself with the gift of your own choice and your own success. There are many to follow – they stand out – they are already flying. Find some to watch and learn how they do it. Learn the habits and beliefs of successful people. Do what they do to create your own dream.

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