Glorious Sea Days

Five glorious sea days. The first few were a bit chilly still but we found activities to keep us busy. First evening after dinner we attended the showtime in the Mondrian Lounge. Followed by some dancing and wandering around the ship. We took a look at our photos from embarkation and they are lovely.
We made plans for early the next morning. Up at 6, meet for a walk around the promenade for a mile at 6:30, followed by Fab Abs workout, Stretch and Relax at 7:30 and Tai Chi in the Crows Nest at 8 am. Followed by breakfast in the Lido for a lovely egg white omelet made to order. Several of us made the commitment and enjoyed all the fitness activities.
The day filled up with line dancing, port talks, guest speaks about Hawaiian Islands, geography and history. More dance lessons, afternoon tea and a wee bit of shopping at the wonderful boutiques on board. Too cold to lay out just yet, but a dip in the hot tub felt pretty good.
Every sea day from 1 to 4 there is an opportunity to quilt and get together in the Hudson Room. My friend brought a traditional Hawaiian quilt for me to work on, I had forgotten to pack my quilt project.

As the days go by the memories of particular moments fade into each other. It is relaxing and mindless as we arrive at the next day and the next. Nearly no activities that highlight one day from the next day. Very relaxing, repetitive and satisfying. We attended lectures of Hawaiian culture. We checked email in the Explorers Lounge. We attended two wine tastings. We had tea. We walked. We ate. We changed clothes.
We enjoyed dining together in a group of 10 of my personal friends and family traveling together. We dined in Pinnacle Grill as a group of 10 as well. Two tables of 5 each, we sat next to each other and enjoyed a lovely dining experience, complimentary for guests booking with me.
I have not taken the time to read or write, as on previous cruises. Partly due to the extra visiting with others in the group, and fitting in time to be with friends and family, as well as my husband. There are so many activities to be part of, and never enough time in a day to do them all.
Five days of no land, just water, flying fish, whale sightings and walking the deck. We continued to do exercise plan, starting with a mile walk at 7 am, followed by a quick check of internet and Tai Chi at 8 am. Off to breakfast, laying in the sun, relaxing, taking in the shows and port talks, lunch in the dining room and meeting new people.
Relaxed and mellow. Time changes come easily out at sea. Starting to build my tan and enjoying the variety of ways to spend sea days. Out of touch with the pressures of work, the stresses associated with being at home and balancing money, making meals and sticking to a schedule. Here at sea, the only rule is there are no rules. Food is available anytime, tea and hot water, walking, laying in the sun and enjoying music.
Chocolates on the pillow at night, turn down service and towel animals adorn the stateroom. Buckets of ice with Univera Xtra and Aloe Gold keeping chilled alongside a bottle of white wine.

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