the Best food at Sea

How does a cruise ship company live up to the claim of the “best food at sea”?   The answer: with simple, careful and deliberate attention to detail.

Every morsel must be prepared from fresh ingredients. Presentation must be interesting and alluring. People must be satisfied and not “filled up”. Food tastes must be unique and memorable. Recipes must be selected and coordinated, combining comfort foods, exotic spice and yet familiar and that sense of “special”.  Several choices, not to overwhelm, but offer something for everyone and several ‘something’s ‘of interest for the adventuresome.

Food specialists, as every ordinary person is, must be impressed with understated perfection. Words used to describe a taste, must entice from the menu. Presentation in a buffet must promise flavors and freshness, to inspire confidence. One bite must satisfy every palate. Not one item can be substandard or ordinary. All must be appealing to the senses.

This one flash in time, a photograph of the mind, will hold power over our impression of this day, this cruise, this choice for our carefully saved dollars.  This is the moment of truth and truly, the love is in the details.

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