SOLO Travel, meeting myself


Solo Travel

I have begun to discover travel, alone in the recent 10 years. Starting with camping trips, on my own to popular camp sites, with clean washrooms and running water. I pitched a small tent, had store bought sushi, and then listened to the sounds of the night as I was snuggled in my very warm down sleeping bag. Awakened by the early morning sounds, I sat by a creek, watched ants busy at work, and learned to sit with my own thoughts and dreams.

As the years move through my life, I invest more and more time with my self. I have begun to practice mindfulness. I have gone on short retreats with my own sensations and random thoughts to entertain me and make me wiser.

The more I enter into solo travel, the more I enjoy my own company and the air around me. I begin to see history and people, time and space, in a very different light. No longer responding to the teachings from my younger years, now searching for truth and experience from my own life.

Last year I arranged a long flight from Vancouver to Nuremburg Germany, I stayed alone in a 5 star hotel, and shopped in a foreign city. I lived for 7 days aboard a fabulous river cruise ship and made the trek, the culmination of some 50 years of my life, to the destination of my dreams. I arrived in Paris. Although surrounded by others also on their own adventures, I arrived alone. I found myself among the millions who have ventured before me to this historic and world popular city.

Because I have started to write of my experiences, I can be back in that moment, in that space and time in history, whenever my soul wants to travel again. My sensations are aroused to the smell of the air and sweet sounds of foreign accents and birdsong.

Join me, won’t you?? Solo travel is not about meeting others, it is about meeting your self.

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