Sept 24, 2009 Maui

Beautiful bountiful Maui.
The sky is wonderful soft blue with scattered clouds … not to interfere with the sun. The water is the show stopper!! Teal in some areas, white caps and hundreds of surfers – wind surfers, kite surfers, sailing out from the sandy beaches – out and back.
Like a frenzy of activity …. they can be seen from the balcony of our stateroom as we sit docked at the harbour in Maui.
Today we took a Hilo Hattie shuttle to Kehiue (??) (small town across the island) where we shopped, saw Starbucks and Safeway in the mall, and an ABC tourist shop …. and then back for lunch on the ship. After lunch we took another shuttle to Queen K something mall in this harbour town. A fun Serendipity store with fabulous sarongs and lovely pants long enough for me!! I also saw a beautiful hand painted silk komono … for dress wear. Nice outdoor mall with cover overhead to keep out the hot sun, but allows birds to be present.
After so many days at sea, we sure notice the sight and sounds of the lovely birds. And fragrant flowers on the bushes and hedges and trees all around at every stop.
The islands are magical. Scents and sights, sweet and full of song. Music to the ears, fresh scents for the nose and almost too much to take in through sight. Tall palm trees, beautiful and bright reds and whites, yellows and scented flowers. The locals in lei’s, (or maybe they are tourists??) and the store clerks and folks walking around in the bright colors and floral fabrics, loose mu mu style dresses and flowers in their hair.
People coming back to the ship now from a day of sight seeing and touring around Maui. Another day tomorrow and although we will spend the night on the ship, it won’t leave the dock so many may decide to stay in a bed and breakfast or resort elsewhere on Maui.
People pulling up in rental cars, convertibles for the adventurous and sun loving, vans for the family travelers and people traveling together to explore the island on their own, in small groups. Many are heading out for the big Maui Luou that that was organized.
There are shuttle vehicles to take folks to the rental car places. The airport is close by as well.
I bought a few postcards and some stickers for future scrapbooking pages. That is it. I have my eye on a hand painted beautiful tie-dyed blue, turquoise and white big shirt from the artist painter, who has a booth set up in the area outside the cruise ship. Lots of local hand sewn and hand painted items – hats, t shirts, kids clothes, back packs, purses, etc etc. It is really lovely to see the local artists works.
Well time to prepare for dinner – another casual and fun evening with the women of our table. We get along well and have been chatting about plans and also hearing how everyone’s day has been. Perhaps tomorrow we will spend some time with Patty and her mom – off to find an island bus to Lahina and maybe walk on a beach as well. That is the hope for tomorrow.
I feel full and content with today’s adventure. Relaxed, sunny, enjoyable and inexpensive time spent with my mother on this exotic and beautiful island of Maui.
Mahalo and Aloha … till tomorrow. Love P xoxoxo


Pamela MacDonald

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