Sept 2009 Maui begins

HI – was in Hilo yesterday and I shall send along a few words about that port.  Today and tomorrow in Maui … hot sunny and lovely waves coming in right off the balcony where I am sitting.
Mom is getting ready for the day, we are having a very relaxing time and enjoying the heat and the air conditioning!!
We did a bit of shopping yesterday in Hilo and scouted out a few things, like Kona coffee, found a starbucks … had iced coffee, found a Macy’s and Sears, Safeway and of course Hilo Hattie (a chain of tourist schlack that they have in Hawaii – very nice) and some macadamia nuts, and chocolate ………..
the wait staff have been great to me and the folks at my table … lots of great desserts, can still get my jeans on but good thing we are half way through the cruise!!!  Will need to stop eating for a while when I get home!

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